Tement #186

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Where Steiermark meets Stajerska Slovenija

On the Styrian as well as on the Slovenian side, we are always concerned with working out differences and recognizing the potential of a special location. Our most precious vineyards are located high up, facing south-east to south-west. They contain all our passion and experience. Making wine means understanding how to deal with nature and its peculiarities. Keeping the vineyards and our soil in balance is our concern. We have been cultivating our vineyards according to organic principles for several years, have been part of the Demeter Association since 2022 and are a member of the Respekt Gruppe.

Manfred Tement. Visionary and lone fighter

Manfred Tement was young when he took over the small winery after his father passed away far too early. Three hectares to the right and left of the house and a lot earlier than planned. The good reputation of the father was the only starting capital. He’s the one who started it all and he’s still on fire. For his family, Styria and its idea of Sauvignon Blanc are important visionary elements.

Armin and Stefan Tement

A lot has happened over the years. Some things have come, others gone, but one thing has always remained: the love for wine, this very special region and the commitment to unconditional quality. This is a guideline that is followed through until this day by Armin and his brother Stefan. Born and raised with the winery, the brothers literally did not know any other way. A framework in which the brothers grew, learned and developed. They learned to walk a path where consistency and modification go hand in hand. Those who merely continue what their ancestors did, without questioning.

Wine and a good life are tightly connected

Visitors enjoy a breath-taking panoramic view of steep slopes from surrounding vineyards. Restaurant and Magnothek (vinothek for big bottles) on top of the single vineyard Zieregg. Current vintages and selected rarities can be tasted at any time during opening hours without prior notification.

Commented tasting with a sommelier as well as a guided tour to the estate is also possible due to a prior reservation and a fee of EUR 15.00 per person. Maximum group size is 10 people. The step from being a winemaker to being a host is a small one. Book overnight stay at https://www.winzarei.at/

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