InVino #172

Saryan 6, Yerevan
+374 10 52 19 31

The only wine-only place in Yerevan

InVino is the first wine club, merchant and bar in Armenia founded December 30th, 2012. It carries wines from almost all over the world, focusing on only the best local wines. To this day, 10 years later, it remains the only wine-only place in Yerevan. You can take a bottle with you or have a drink here in the relaxing ambiance, surrounded by wine.

Its wine list is its walls

Priced from 800 AMD, more than 26 wines available by the glass, with the selection changing every day. You can take your bottle with you or drink it here by pairing it with InVino’s range of cheeses, meats, olives, nuts, and special desserts. Pair your wines with local and imported selections of salamis and cheeses or enjoy some Tapas from a small menu from its neighbour restaurants Tapastan and Steakarar.

Create your relationship with wine

For InVino, wine is not only a beverage. It’s a relationship with philosophy and history of the land where it was made.

Take part in InVino’s fun wine tastings events such as “Meet the Winemaker”, “My Name is…” and various other events designed to help further your knowledge about wines and wine drinking culture.

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