Cricova Must Fest #80

Republic of Moldova
MD-2084, rep. Moldova, or. Cricova, str. Petru Ungureanu 1
+373 226 04 027

Celebrate in the heart of Moldova

Cricova Must Fest is a unique event in the heart of Moldova, where the history of our land is harmoniously combined with the wine traditions. In September, we celebrate together the glory season of the vine. This event is a tribute to young wine, a celebration of the vine, wine and people who work hard to produce high quality wines.

Good people, wine, food and music

We invite people from our country and bordering countries to celebrate the whole wine industry together. The celebration starts with a tasting of the young wine that we call – must (juice from wine grapes freshly squeezed) and traditional food specific to our country. Of course, we cannot celebrate without good music. We invite well-known bands or artists from Moldova that are famous not just in our country but all over the world.

Usually in the festival program

  • Excursions through the famous underground galleries
  • Wine school with wine tastings, moderated by the most famous Cricova sommelier
  • Creative workshops, games and thematic competitions
  • Walk on the underground pedestrian street with live music, art performances, cinema and an art gallery
  • Traditional dishes
  • Fair of wines, souvenirs and handicrafts from the best folk craftsmen from Moldova
  • Good Moldovan music played by famous Moldovan bands!
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