Cité du Vin #83

France Bordeaux
134 Quai de Bacalan, 33300 Bordeaux, France
+335 561 62 020

Cultural heritage of wine

Located in Bordeaux, the Cité du Vin is a cultural venue, unique in the world, and dedicated to wine.

Certified “Tourisme & Handicap” since its opening, “Sustainable Entertainment” in 2022, and “NF environment – Visitor sites” in 2021, the Cité du Vin is managed and developed by the Foundation for wine culture and civilisations (a public-interest foundation) whose mission is to make the universal and living heritage of wine accessible to the widest possible audience.

Mission of the Foundation for wine culture and civilisations

Managed and developed by the Foundation for Wine Culture and Civilisations (recognised as serving the public good) the Cité du Vin’s aim is to safeguard wine heritage, to display and enhance its influence on past and present societies. Its resources come from the revenue of the Cité du Vin and private donations from patrons. The Foundation is attempting to make this universal, living heritage accessible to as many people as possible by offering an innovative new perspective.

Embark on an interactive and sensory experience

The Cité du Vin offers its visitors different activities and experiences:

  • Vineyards of the world
  • Terroirs of the world
  • The vine-grower’s year
  • Six wine families
  • The Gallery of civilisations
  • Wine trend alley
  • The buffet of the five senses
  • The epic tale of Bordeaux, etc.

Permanent exhibition

With its interactive Permanent exhibition based on digital technologies, its various tasting experiences, its cultural events and practical facilities (shops, restaurants), the Cité du Vin honours the vineyards of the whole world through their cultural, civilisational, heritage and universal dimensions and is the 4th most visited museum outside the Île-de-France region(about 400 000 visitors each year ; 2.5 million visitors since the opening). Visitors from all walks of life (beginners, wine lovers, professionals, families and young people, companies, French and international…), are invited on a spectacular journey around the world, across the ages, in all cultures!

New achievements

7 years after its opening and after welcoming more than 2 million visitors from all over the world, the Cité du Vin opened in 2023 a new chapter in its history.

For the first time since its opening, the Permanent exhibition has been partially renewed (80%).

New multimedia productions, new staging arrangements and new digital equipment have been put in place to offer our visitors an ever more original and exciting experience.

2 new tasting experiences have also completed the cultural offer: the Bordeaux 360° workshop (an original discovery of Bordeaux wines through complete immersion in the region) and Via Sensoria, the Immersive tasting journey (a new intimate, sensory and artistic journey to rediscover tasting at the rhythm of the seasons).

Via Sensoria

Via Sensoria is conceived as a sensory intimate journey in which visitors are invited to experience a unique tutored tasting by strolling through 4 immersive and dreamlike spaces, combining visual, audio and poetic creations. For its first edition, the theme for Via Sensoria will be As the seasons pass. From spring to winter, from sunrise to sunset, the public will experience the annual cycle of nature in the space of one hour. At the entrance to the 4 areas (each devoted to a specific season), a tasting of world wines or non-alcoholic drinks will be led by a sommelier-guide. Along the way, participants are encouraged to fully experience their sensations and emotions.

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