WTA Ceremony at the London Wine Fair 2024: presenting the THIRD edition participants

London Wine Fair

Traditionally, the awarding ceremony of the winners of the WTA is accompanied by a walk-around tasting of the wines of our nominees. And at the same time it becomes a round-the-world journey through wine routes. And this year the THIRD Edition of WTA Ceremony at the London Wine Fair 2024 promises an exciting lineup of participants, including renowned wineries, emerging brands, and industry experts. A sophisticated tasting session of wines and WTA winners’ celebration featuring wines from esteemed members of the WTA community from Italy, Romania, New Zealand, Georgia, France, Moldova…

So, let’s get ready for an unforgettable experience at the Wine Travel Awards Ceremony with an awesome agenda!

📅 Join us on May 21 at Gallery Suit, London Wine Fair, Olympia, London from 10:30 to 12:30.

If you would like to be a part of WTA Ceremony in London this year please use this form to contact us for the badge to the exhibition.

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📞 Telephone: +38067 4474578 (Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber)

✉️ Email: winetravelawards@gmail.com 

The Ceremony will start from a keynote address on Wine Tourism: Benefits and Challenges by Robert Joseph, a respected member of the WTA jury, distinguished author in the domain of wine and wine tourism, and a pioneering figure in the wine industry.

Next, after the actual Wine Travel Awards Ceremony, we will start for an exciting experience — the Walk Around Tasting. Introducing the Participants 👉

This medieval castle, meticulously restored just last year, invites guests to embark on extraordinary adventures. It boasts breathtaking landscapes, culinary delights in the refined ambiance of its local restaurant, relaxation in a designer hotel, horseback riding, leisurely strolls, and, most importantly, the opportunity to taste an incredibly diverse selection of high-class wines!

Jidvei wines (Romania), a distinguished winemaking enterprise, annually processes over 25 million kg of grapes. Since 1999, Jidvei has blended modern techniques with tradition, earning over 500 medals in prestigious international competitions. With four wineries boasting top-tier facilities and 6100 acres of vineyard, Jidvei crafts quality wines reflecting the essence of its terroir.

WTA Ceremony Walk Around Tasting:

  • Owner’s Choice — Ana Sauvignon Blanc 2023, Jidvei DOC
  • Owner’s Choice — Maria Pinot Gris 2022, Jidvei DOC
  • Grigorescu — Fetească Regală 2023, Jidvei DOC
  • Traditional Method sparkling wine — Jidvei Extra Brut, Jidvei DOC
  • Jidvei Pinot Noir 2019 — DOC Târnave — Jidvei

Jidvei wines

Our new WTA participant Gramofon Wines (Romania) — nestled in the renowned Dealu Mare region of Romania, resides near Urlati, surrounded by picturesque vineyards. Since 2009, the vineyard underwent replanting with grapes spaced 2.2m apart, allowing meticulous care. The brand aims to convey wine’s harmony naturally, using organic methods and employing intricate techniques to enhance flavors for exceptional results. These winemakers strive to combine wine with music – and harmony sounds in every sample, you will see for yourself!


WTA Ceremony Walk Around Tasting:


Gramofon wines

Shumi Winery (Georgia) — one of the best producers of Georgian wines. Set in the magnificent Alazan Valley, the location is nothing short of the eighth wonder of the world — come and see for yourself! Shumi products are famous for their quality, they have earned more than 600 highest awards at prestigious international competitions, including prizes and medals that no other company in the history of Georgia has ever received.  Shumi was recognized as the BEST PRODUCER OF GEORGIA at one of the most prestigious competitions in the world — MUNDUS VINI Grand International Award!

The Shumi Winery object d'Art garden

WTA Ceremony Walk Around Tasting:

  • Kakhuri Mtsvane Shumi
  • Khikhvi Iberiuli
  • Mukuzani Shumi
  • Saperavi Iberiuli

Zigu — (a legendary drink that combines the flavours of grape juice, wine, chacha and wine brandy, and the aroma is enriched with the scents of highland herbs).

SHMI wines

Tenuta Manoylo (Italy) — a new star in Marche’s crown.  Literally the “Discovery of the year” for us was the Italian Tenuta Manoylo, which has just taken its first steps on the world stage. And here is a resounding victory — the two highest awards: Grand Gold — 2021 Marche IGT Sangiovese; Silver — 2021 Falerio DOC Pecorino. Moreover, Tenuta Manyolo was granted by Mundus Vini the Best of Show Marche for its excellent wine 2021 Marche IGT Sangiovese. Tenuta Manoylo’s wines were created to showcase the products of a terroir that, since the times of Picenum and Ancient Rome, has been devoted to the production of fine wines and oils, famous throughout the Mediterranean and Europe. Today, by combining innovative technologies with ancient winemaking traditions, Tenuta Manoylo’s wines offer those who savour them the unique taste of these places suspended in time.

Tenuta Manoylo

WTA Ceremony Walk Around Tasting:

  • Passo del Borgo Marche IGT Passerina (from an ancient and traditional Marche grape variety).
  • Falerio DOC Pecorino (autochthonous variety from the Marche region).
  • Marche IGT Sangiovese.

Tenuta Manoylo wines

Shaloshvili Cellar (Georgia) — it is not just a winery, it is an oasis of relaxation in the hotel of the same name, located among emerald vineyards.  Since 1998, Shaloshvili Cellar crafts elegant whites and complex reds, now integrating modern technology since their 2013 inception. With a passion for Georgian culture, they offer full tourist experiences at their onsite hotel. Producing 150,000 bottles yearly from 16 organic hectares.

WTA Ceremony Walk Around Tasting:

  • Kisi Mtsvane White Dry 2021
  • Rkatsiteli Oak Barrel Aged White Dry 2017
  • Saperavi Oak Barrel Aged Red Dry 2018
  • Saperavi QVEVRI 2020

Shaloshvili wines

We introduce the next participant, slightly, holding our breath — like school children talking about their guru 😊. After all, Le Grand Noir (France) comes from ancient Southern French landscapes with a huge diversity of soils, altitudes and microclimates and was created on the initiative of WTA judge Robert Joseph. With a focus on quality and innovation, Le Grand Noir produces a diverse range of wines, including reds, whites, and rosés, each reflecting the unique terroir of the region. Established in the early 21st century, the winery has quickly gained recognition for its dedication to producing wines of outstanding character and complexity.

Robert Joseph



WTA Ceremony Walk Around Tasting:

  • Le Grand Noir Chardonnay
  • Le Grand Noir GSM Red Blend

Robert Joseph wines

This also presents a unique opportunity for curious wine enthusiasts to discover a new creation by Robert Joseph. K’AVSHIRI (Georgia) — traces back to 1988 when wine critic Robert Joseph explored Georgia’s rich culture and wines. In 2018, he partnered with Vladimer Kublashvili of Winery Khareba, envisioning unique blends using indigenous grapes and qvevri fermentation. After years of experimentation, they crafted distinctive wines, including the White 2022 and a limited Red Assemblage, released in Spring 2024.

WTA Ceremony Walk Around Tasting:

  • K’AVSHIRI White 2022
  • K’AVSHIRI Assemblage Red


The next wine we present, Cloudy Bay, is our pride. We introduce it with due reverence, all the way from its distant origins — New Zealand. The winery was founded in 1985 by David Hohnen and Kevin Judd. Their first Sauvignon Blanc received international recognition and put New Zealand wine on the map. Cloudy Bay joined Veuve Clicquot in 1990 and in 2003 became part of the LVMH family. Today, this outstanding winery is not only an exceptional location for wine tourism, but under the leadership of the famous top manager Yang Shen, it produces wines that are deservedly included in the top league of fan wine.

Cloudy Bay

And the collective participant of the WTA Ceremony, stand and Walk-Around Tasting is Wine of Moldova, which, with the support of the United States Agency for International Development, presents the best wines of the country at our celebration!

Cheers! Welcome to the Ceremony!

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