WTA 2022-2023 gives wings to move forward

From 1 November, WTA opened its doors to the second edition for nominees, sponsors and partners. In a new awards’ year, we offer even more distinctive opportunities both in online and offline formats. Regardless of their business size and capacities, as well as geography of their activities, every member of the WTA community gets an efficient and quality marketing and PR campaign.

Offline events. Since the re-opening of world wine & spirits exhibitions, presenting our community members on-site has been one of the most exciting things. Holding wine tastings at WTA events or at the WTA stand within the exhibitions, product and ad materials placement (banner, roll-up, etc.), video broadcasting and many more opportunities you can get to stand out. What is on the list?

  • Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris, France, February 13-15
  • Wine & Spirit Tourism International Trade Fair, Reims, Champagne, March 12-14
  • ProWein Dusseldorf, Germany, March 19-21
  • Vinitaly, Verona, April 2-5
  • London Wine Fair, Great Britain, May 15-17
  • Enoexpo Krakow, Poland, November 2023
  • Wine Expo Warsaw, Poland, November 2023

The Grand Premier next year is the WST – Wine & Spirit Tourism International Trade Fair which will take place in the heart of Champagne – Reims – on 12-14 March, 2023. We are inviting innovative companies to be part of the 2-hour WTA event there as a sponsor and a participant of a walk-around tasting or become part of the WTA stand presenting our community members and their products. Exclusive is possible both within the first two options and due to an opportunity to become an exhibitor with your own stand at the WST. 

In addition to events and activities within the framework of the listed international exhibitions, in 2023 we also plan local events in such countries as Georgia, Greece, etc. And we will be happy to cooperate with you in any other directions of the wine world.

Print and digital. The Wine Travel Awards Guide is a unique PR catalog which will be issued twice a year – in February 2023 (Special Edition) and in May 2023 (Final Catalog of WTA community members) by Drinks+ Communication Media Group. The catalogs will be distributed at the world’s leading wine exhibitions and WTA events. Besides, we have initiated a periodical electronic media – WTA Discovery sharing the project news and WTA Guide opening new wine regions and their actors. Those are distributed due to email marketing through a wide international base including distributors, retailers, professionals, operators in the wine & spirits, and tourism industries.

WTA are wings for someone who is ready to fly to meet the unknown, a sail for those who are brave and open to the world; it is a bright kaleidoscope of unique participants whose experience is invaluable for each of us. And it doesn’t matter if you’re making wine in New Zealand, running a blog in Argentina or hosting tourists at a winery in France, we’re always on the path to the same goal: to show the richness and depth of wine and spirits tourism, the facets of which are endless.

The Sponsorship Opportunities include the packages of International Sponsor, National Sponsor, Nomination Sponsor, Nominees Sponsor and Prize Fund Sponsor. Please write to us via partnership@winetravelawards.com to find out the details.

To become a nominee for the WTA 2022-2023, choose one or up to three categories which suit your activity the best. Currently, the early bird offer is valid: price for the first category – 380 euros, the second – 285 euros, the third – 190 euros. 

Find your way to shine with the WTA 2022-2023:

  • The Visiting Card of the Country: Must visit, Brand – the visiting card of the country , Progressive approach, Region of the Year, Art & History Object
  • Ambassador: Ambassador of the year, Creative strategy
  • Wine & Food Influencer: Author of the year, Expert opinion, The brightest journey
  • Education in Enotourism: Unique program, Cultural mission 
  • Wine Guide: Top Guide, Travel Operator of the Year
  • Enogastronomic Events: Magnet of the region, Event of the year

We are inviting you to join the WTA community in order to promote your business initiatives, brands, products, services and regions all year long both online and offline. Register here!