Wines of Hungary – Personally


When people think about Hungary, it’s often its unique thermal baths, rich architectural heritage or popular natural sights, like Lake Hévíz or Lake Balaton, that come to mind. However, Hungary also possesses another treasure, which, until recently, has only been discovered by a few: Hungarian wine.

The key assets in Hungary’s wine culture are its globally distinctive environment (Tokaj sits on top of a hundred extinct volcanos), a spectacular architectural heritage (historical wine cellars and fermentation chambers), and last but not least, the people, the winemakers to whom we owe for the many faces of Hungarian wine.

The diversity of Hungary’s wine regions and their wines is entirely unique in the realm of wine: the climate, grape varieties and varied soils all transport us to a wholly different world in each of the six major Hungarian wine-producing areas. This diversity is crowned by Tokaji Aszú, which is considered the noblest among naturally sweet wines, and no other wine is made like it in the world. Hungarian wines boast an ever-changing palette, with options ranging from sparkling to naturally sweet wines, and volcanic white wines to full-bodied reds, allowing us to rediscover Hungarian wine again and again.

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