Wine games and wine education: tasting, playing and learning at LOISIUM WeinWelt


When traveling around the wineland of Austria, one should not forget to visit Waldviertel, located in the northeast of Austria, right next to the famous wine regions of Wachau and Kamptal. The favorable climate and excellent soils of Waldviertel offer ideal conditions for producing fantastic wines, which are well-known inside the country and beyond Austria’s borders. In the southeastern Waldviertel, at the lower end of the Kamptal and at the foot of the Manhartsberg, lies Langenlois, a lovely town at the Kamp river, where LOISIUM WeinWelt, a unique, modestly designed wine culture complex (the WTA nominee in the Visiting card of the country / Must visit category), is located. Here, wine can dive into the charming atmosphere of comfort and leisure, taste the famous local wines and find out more about their origin and special features. The LOISIUM team has prepared lots of entertaining and educating activities for wine lovers.

In a group of eight people or more, guests can learn the fascinating differences between grape varieties in a game format. With this blind tasting game, they can not only deepen their wine knowledge, but can also spend an entertaining evening in the LOISIUM WeinWelt as a group of old or new friends. The wine Bingo is competitive but it’s a lot of fun: after all, isn’t it interesting to see who can define the grape varieties the fastest, and who has a well-trained palate?  

Those who are interested in a more profound wine education and want to know a lot more about wine can join an exclusive wine training course in the LOISIUM WeinWelt. An in-house wine professional will teach the students how to properly taste wines and to differentiate and evaluate their organoleptic features. Needless to say, the classes are accompanied by the tastings of various fine wines. After wine classes, the guests are welcome to practice their newly obtained knowledge and try out the region’s specialties and learn more about the wineries and wine producers at the Local Vinothek. 

A combination of modern lifestyle ambience and ancient wine tradition is a trademark feature for LOISIUM WeinWelt. The complex offers various entertainment programs, creating a special vinophile world that makes the region’s wine come alive. 

There hardly exists a wine lover who doesn’t appreciate the right food pairing. Of course LOISIUM offers that too! The Vineyard restaurant, LOISIUM’s main gastronomic spot, pays special attention to both the quality and the origin of the products, perfectly complimenting the wines of the region.

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