Revolutionizing Winemaking of Moldova at Wine & Tech Forum


Hosted by the collaborative efforts of the National Life and Wine Office and the Agency for Agricultural Development and Modernization, this transformative event was made possible by the strategic support of the Rural Competitiveness and Resilience Project, graciously funded by the Embassy of Sweden in Chisinau. Adding to the visionary backing, the Future Technologies Project, a joint endeavour by USAID, USAID Moldova, and the esteemed UK in Moldova – British Embassy Chisinau, played a crucial role in shaping the forum. This monumental convergence was further elevated through collaboration with UTM – Universitatea Tehnică a Moldovei and the COR Creative Industries Association in Moldova.

Marco Brini, an international luminary in innovative agricultural technologies and the circular economy, in his enlightening presentation, unveiled a three-step roadmap to leverage technology in agriculture, leading to a harmonious dance of digitalization and viticulture:

  1. We Sense: Through sensors, drones, and the Internet of Things, the agricultural realm is enriched with real-time insights into weather patterns, soil conditions, and plant health.

  2. We Think: The prowess of artificial intelligence and advanced data analysis empowers informed decision-making, as collected data transforms into strategic wisdom.

  3. We Act: Robotics, autonomous vehicles, and mechanisation systems take centre stage, orchestrating streamlined and efficient agricultural operations.

In the context of winemaking, the advantages of digital agriculture are nothing short of remarkable. Real-time data access, reduced pesticide and fertilizer usage, minimal harvest losses, cost-efficiency, and enhanced customer experiences are just a glimpse of the potential benefits.

The Wine & Tech Forum also hosted a thought-provoking panel discussion on the pivotal role of government support in ushering the wine industry into the era of digital technologies. Esteemed figures like the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Food Industry, highlighted the Republic of Moldova’s ascent in the wine arena, aided by cutting-edge solutions and the state’s unwavering support.

Maxim Popov, Director of the Agency for the Development and Modernization of Agriculture (ADMA), unveiled a visionary roadmap for digitizing agriculture. This includes a dedicated program financing digital solutions, featuring benefits like a 50% own contribution, no charges, minimal documentation, zero VAT for equipment, and a generous grant from the Future Technologies Project.

Dumitru Pintea, Director of the Organization for Entrepreneurship Development (ODA), emphasized their mission to facilitate financing for entrepreneurs. Their program offers enticing loan options, while the Credit Guarantee Fund and the Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth Fund provide essential backing for ambitious ventures.

The forum delved into the heart of technological possibilities, with Vadim Codreanu from ADMA highlighting five transformative technologies for agriculture and winemaking. Svetlana Ghetmancenco, a specialist within the Future Technologies Project, unveiled the vital steps toward business digitization, underlining the importance of tailored processes and expert consultations.

Sergiu Smocinschi, an ag-tech expert from Metos, underscored the significance of weather data in precision agriculture, an invaluable asset for winegrowers. The forum also unveiled an array of digital solutions and technologies, poised to redefine manufacturing processes and elevate businesses toward efficiency, sustainability, and modernity.

The Wine & Tech Forum lays the foundation for an exciting agricultural transformation, ushering in a new era of innovation. Stay tuned as we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of agriculture and technology.