New victory: listen to the Interpreting Wine’s podcast episode featuring WTA

United Kingdom

An episode featuring the Wine Travel Awards will air on the Interpreting Wine podcast tomorrow, May 4 at 10:00 am (CET). We are inviting you to join us and listen to it together!

The London Wine Fair, a WTA exhibitor partner, has collaborated with Interpreting Wine, one of the world’s premier drinks and hospitality podcasts, to offer all London Wine Fair 2023 exhibitors the chance to win a FREE podcast recording and marketing package worth £4,495. 

The Wine Travel Awards tried their chances and won! In his Instagram live stream, Lawrence Francis, Founder of Interpreting Wine, together with Hannah Tovey, LWF Event Director, used a randomizer to select the winner among 19 registered participants. We were holding our breath while the wheel was turning. What a pleasure not only to give awards, but also to win one! As the prize winner, we will receive dedicated coverage in the lead-up to and following our appearance at the London Wine Fair 2023.

The Wine Travel Awards podcast episode will be broadcast tomorrow, 4 May, at 10:00 am (Central European Time). Join us by following the direct play link at

Lawrence Francis will meet with Oleksandra Hryhorieva, WTA Project Lead, to discuss the details of the WTA Final Ceremony and Walk Around Tasting taking place on 17 May at 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM at the London Wine Fair as well as the WTA concept and opportunities in the next episode of Interpreting Wine. It is our pleasure to invite podcast listeners to our event to celebrate the second successful edition of the project and the WTA 2022-2023 winners. 

Lawrence has facilitated tens of thousands of hours of wine trade engagement for innovative wine boards such as those in Washington State, British Columbia, and Australia and New Zealand’s wine producers. He was recognised in Born Digital Wine Awards 2020 and presented on the future of wine marketing at the Wine2Wine Conference (2019-2021) and the London Wine Fair (2022). Lawrence is driven to assist regions and producers who are held back by outdated price-driven marketing by enabling them to tell their authentic story in a compelling and comprehensive manner.

We are looking forward to listening to the podcast tomorrow with you and shedding light on the WTA project’s key milestones.