“National Inbound Tourism Association of Moldova” (ANTRIM) and Invest Moldova Agency

Republic of Moldova

(ANTRIM) and Invest Moldova Agency are sponsors of the “Ambassador” nomination, as well as the nominees for the “Visiting Card of the Country” and “Wine and Gastronomic Event”.


Companies with ambitious and large-scale goals, pursued a global task in terms of the award, too: supporting a young profession – an ambassador of wine tourism, increasing loyalty on the part of representatives of the tourism industry from different countries towards Moldova as a country of wine tourism. Due to this initiative, real legends of the Moldavian winemaking – Cricova, Purcari, Castel Mimi and many other world-famous companies from Moldova – became nominees for the Wine Travel Awards.

We would like to emphasize that the crisis caused by the COVID-19 virus has greatly affected the tourism sector and led to an unprecedented decrease in the number of foreign tourists around the world. In Moldova, the total loss of income, faced by the tourism industry is estimated at about $ 350 million. But everyone knows the saying: “Guests come over when they are expected”.

To demonstrate this expectation, Moldova launched a large-scale national campaign. It kicked off this summer, with launch of a video that shows the country’s hospitality and its winemakers. It has already been viewed by over 20 million people. The participation of ANTRIM and Invest Moldova Agency as sponsors of the WTA is a part of the consistent strategy to promote their winemakers, events, and destinations.