Invest Moldova

Republic of Moldova

Invest Moldova Agency, as central administrative authority subordinated to the Government, is the only institution mandated to promote the image of the Republic of Moldova on the economic and investment dimension, being Country Brand Ambassador for good positioning on the global economic map.

Fields of activity:

  • Country Brand Promotion
  • Attracting and protecting investments;
  • Export promotion
  • Development and promotion of the tourism sector.

Through its mandate, Invest Moldova Agency aims to contribute to: diversifying export markets, increasing export competitiveness, facilitating the investment process and attracting investors, promoting the touristic offer and the country brand – aiming, in this sense, to reposition the Republic of Moldova on the global economic map.


Invest Moldova Agency – which is also the leader of the WINET project – Trade and Innovation in the Wine Industry, is an active promoter of the wine sector –which ranks 1st position in Agrifood exports.

Moldova is the country with the highest density of vineyards in the world but also the 20th largest wine producer globally. Our wineries are included in Guiness Book: Milestii Mici – the largest wine collection, with over 1.5 million bottles of wine and Cricova – the largest underground wine cellar in the world.

Through its activities, Invest Moldova Agency is involved in:

  • Promotion of the wine sector in the country presentation on investment, export and tourism offer
  • Co-financing the participation of local producers in the wine sector at various local and international events in order to promote the Wine of Moldova brand and generate exports
  • Organizing local and international events to promote local oenological tourism
  • Participation of wine companies in training sessions and strengthening knowledge in the field of export and tourism

Through all these initiatives,, we aim to support the wine sector and to promote the Moldovan wine – a legend alive.