News Author: Oleksandra Bantysheva

Interactive experiences will help visitors discover the world of wine and vines, the history of Burgundy’s wine regions and the richness of the local landscape.

The Cité des Climats et vins de Bourgogne is a network project consisting of three cultural and tourist sites. Its goal is to become a place to get to know Burgundian wines and the climate (climat)*. The project covers three sites in Beaune, Chablis and Mâcon.

The first stop is Macon, May 3. The Cité des Climats et vins de Bourgogne à Mâcon is a unique 17-meter-high building which is a landmark in itself, offering an exceptional view of the Saône River and the city. At Le Press’Bar, located in the main hall, visitors will discover a selection of Burgundian wines which is regularly updated and suitable for all budgets, as well as gourmet cuisine. The room with see-through glass walls overlooks the river.

Chablis is waiting for visitors on May 17. The Petit Pontigny cellar, dating back to the 12th century, will open its doors to the group. The building has been restored and equipped with a modern annex, harmoniously integrated into the warm atmosphere of the garden. Le Ponti’Bar will offer a list of Burgundian wines, as well as an authentic local menu — meat snacks and local cheeses. The bar’s terrace overlooks the Serain Gardens, a secluded and pastoral setting.

On June 17, Beaune will welcome the group. “An architectural pearl with a unique panoramic view of the vineyard”, — this is what its creators say about this building, inspired by tendrils of vines, which are wrapped around the trellis wire. The building is 24 meters high. This place embodies the history, know-how and heritage of Burgundy winemaking. On the fourth floor is the Les Accords bar, where visitors are invited to enjoy the full variety of Burgundian wines, offered both by the bottle and by the glass.

The Cité des Climats et vins de Bourgogne’s team is a 100% female team: Emmanuelle Andréani, architect of the building in Beaune; Clarisse Garcia, scenographer ( Beaune); Adeline Rispal, scenographer of objects in Macon and Chablis; Adeline Jeunot, director of commercial operations for all three facilities; Suzie Maccario, museum worker at the three sites; Brigitte Houdeline, director of the wine tourism and education department.

The calendar of events in each of the three locations can be found on the Cité des Climats et vins de Bourgogne website.