Around the World with Wine Travel Awards Guide 2022-2023


The WTA team announces the final stage of this year’s award, including an event during the Enoexpo Krakow exhibition in Poland and the release of the established catalogue of nominees for 2022-2023.

The work is currently underway on the Wine Travel Awards Guide 2022-2023 – the final catalogue of WTA community members representing nominees, partners, and sponsors who have joined the second release of the award. The WTA Guide is a printed and digital catalogue, a true navigator in the world of wine, a collection of exciting experiences and a gallery of personalities in the wine tourism industry.

This unique publication spans over 230 pages, each dedicated to unique locations and individuals united by two things: a proactive position and a passion for wine and wine routes. Therefore, every owner of the catalogue will have a hint for future travels: which region to travel to, which wineries are a must-visit, which guide or agency to turn to, or which wine blog to read before the journey. The offerings for tourists from Wine Travel Awards community members surprise with their diversity: from consultations with ambassadors on building collections or tours to elect vineyards by helicopter to tasting exceptional wines with a view of a volcanic crater, from bread baking masterclasses to participating in the most authoritative trade shows or international seminars, and more. Additionally, thanks to the catalogue, one can find guidance on choosing the best wine as a souvenir from a specific country or even which wine school or gastronomic academy to attend.

The catalogue will be released in print in October 2023 and will be distributed at leading global wine exhibitions, starting with Enoexpo Krakow 2023 and ending with ProWein 2024, London Wine Fair 2024, Vinitaly 2024, and other leading enogastronomic forums next year. The digital version will be available on the WTA, Drinks+, and ProWein websites throughout 2024.


Furthermore, the editorial team plans to distribute the digital version of the WTA Guide 2022-2023 through their compiled databases of international wine and tourism operators (22,650 addresses). This powerful marketing campaign within the framework of the award aims to increase global awareness of Wine Travel Awards nominees and sponsors and attract new friends, clients, partners, distributors, and, of course, tourist flows to specific locations or regions.

However, even if you are not yet a member of the WTA community, you can join the WTA Guide 2022-2023 and the upcoming WTA 2023-2024 edition today, under very favourable conditions. For details on the offer, please contact the editorial team.

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