The Carpathian Wines Consortium and the Carpathian Wine Route

Republic of Moldova

The two initiatives by the American-Romanian company OenoCo International, the ‘Carpathian Wine Consortium’ (CWC) and the ‘Carpathian Wine Route’, generated excessive interests from both specialists in the field and the general public in Central and Eastern European countries.

The International Economic Forum “Wine Industry: Challenges, Realities and Future Prospects”, organized by the American-Romanian company OenoCo International, took place on July 30-31, in online setting, and proved to be a reference event for the Central and Eastern European region.

“What gave this event its international reach and importance was the high caliber speakers and the topics they tackled. From Caroline Gilby, Elisabeth Gabay and Robert Joseph, Cecilia Magni to Polly Hammond and Tomislav Ivanovic or Scott Carney, addressing extremely current issues related to the wine sector in Central and Eastern Europe”, said Paula Stanca, CMS certified sommelier and CEO of OenoCo International.

During the event, which was attended by over two hundred wineries from twelve European countries, there were several firsts in the field, especially through the participation of internationally renowned wine consortia: Consorzio Vino Toscana and Consorzio di Tutela Vini Sicilia Doc, Italy.

“On the occasion of this international economic forum, our company launched two initiatives targeting the countries of Central and Eastern Europe: the “Carpathian Wines Consortium” and the” Carpathian Wine Route “. The first project aims to coagulate wineries wanting to optimize exports to Western markets, and the second project aims to capitalize on the international economic, historical, cultural and tourist potential of some representative regions of Central and Eastern Europe”, underlines Codruța Cotor, coordinator of the legal department of OenoCo International.

Together with the Carpathian Wines Consortium (CWC), OenoCo International is launching the ‘Carpathian Wine Route’ initiative. It is of paramount importance to emphasize the impact of the wine sector on local communities in this Central and Eastern European region. In this respect, one of OenoCo International’s main objective is the sustainable development of rural economies.

Along the same lines of the European project ‘Via Carpatia’ that will connect infrastructures in Central and Eastern European countries, OenoCo International’s project ‘Carpathian Wine Route’ complements the transnational highway, proposing an international promotion of economic and social realities especially cultural diversity. Wineries which are members of CWC will automatically be included in the ‘Carpathian Wine Route’ initiative.