Visit Moldova: offers you an exciting trip to Moldova, filled with a unique and vibrant culture

Republic of Moldova

The company was founded in 1995 as outbound tourism oriented, and then later in 2009 created the inbound department, thus ever since it has been providing high-quality services to companies (tour operators and travel agencies) from all over the world, meeting the international standards and the expectations of thousands of tourists every year.

Visit-Moldova offers you an exciting trip to Moldova, filled with a unique and vibrant culture. The company recommends looking at the authentic culture, traditions, food, religion and lifestyle of the Moldovan people. Despite its small territory, the Republic of Moldova as a tourist destination has great potential. On the map, it looks like a bunch of ripe grapes, which is no coincidence: Moldova has the highest percentage of land devoted to vineyards in the world. As one of the least visited countries in the world, Moldova will surprise and intrigue at every turn, leaving unforgettable memories and unique stories to tell your friends.

Every year they operate a number of 1500-2500 tourists, being a market leader in organizing cultural tours, wine tours, enogastronomic tours, eco tours, etc. Visit Moldova is a member of ANTRIM (the National Association of Inbound Tourism in Moldova), and IATA (International Air Transport Association).

They have carefully selected each of the local wine & spirits tours, wineries, distilleries, hotels, agro-pensions and restaurants featured on our website based on their superb quality standards, wine and dine expertise and guaranteed customer satisfaction. Attention to detail and top class service are what Visit Moldova are known for and why more than 80% of our business is repeat business.

Their clients stay in centrally located and elegant hotels; authentic agro-pensions; enjoy intimate wine tastings at top wineries; dine in the most exclusive restaurants; and take in the captivating scenery of lush vineyards and charming villages. Taste our most famous Purcari wines at their birthplace, the Stefan Voda region. Experience the culinary creations of local artisans. They learn about the Moldavian wine regions and their fascinating history.