Vine and Wine Foundation of Armenia: Armenia is the cradle of winemaking and viticulture


Since its establishment in 2016, the Vine and Wine Foundation of Armenia is working for the efficient and coordinated development of the sector, as well as for the introduction of new strategies of state policy’ and developmental programs.

Preserving over 6100-year-old Armenian winemaking traditions, Armenia’s rich culture and historical heritage are nowadays combined with excellent opportunities for development of viticulture and winemaking, climatic conditions, rich diversity of grape varieties, modern technologies and scientific potential, strengthening the basis of sustainable development of the sector.

As Armenia is experiencing its winemaking renaissance, the VWFA developed a strategy aimed at the creation of all the preconditions necessary for the provision of high-quality raw materials for wine production focusing on: the enhancement of competitiveness of Armenian wines in the international market, the enhancement of legislative frameworks and quality control mechanisms, targeting the development of professional capacities, improving the business environment and increasing export volumes.


– to develop the local viticulture as a guarantee of high-quality wine.

– to promote the reputation and competitiveness of country’s winemaking worldwide

– to promote Armenia’s attractiveness as a winemaking country.

– to create and promote the “Wine of Armenia” brand.

– to increase wine consumption and export volumes.

– to expand the geographic reach of our exports.