Vine and Wine Foundation of Armenia #157


The Sacred Land of Wine

Millennia of testimonies of Armenian wine-centred culture are all over the country. The sound scientific data in the Areni-1 cave complex, many millennia-old wine presses, jars and karases (Armenian clay vessels), charred remnants of grape seeds, cuneiform inscriptions of the Araratian Kingdom era, testimonies of neighbours and much more evidence prove that Armenia is the cradle of winemaking and viticulture.

The Vine and Wine Foundation of Armenia was established in 2016 by the decision of the RA Government for the efficient and coordinated development of the sector, as well as for the introduction of new strategies of state policy and developmental programs. Preserving over 6100-year-old Armenian winemaking traditions, Armenia’s rich culture and historical heritage are nowadays combined with excellent opportunities for development of viticulture and winemaking, climatic conditions, rich diversity of grape varieties, modern technologies and scientific potential, strengthening the basis of sustainable development of the sector.

The mission

  • develop the local viticulture as a guarantee of high-quality wine;
  • promote the reputation of the country as a wine exporting country;
  • provide high quality raw materials;
  • increase the competitiveness of Armenian wines in international markets;
  • improve the legislative field and the quality control system;
  • develop professional skills of the representatives of the sector;
  • improve the business environment and increase export volumes.


    • Mapping of vineyards in Armenia and creation of Vineyard Register System,
    • Preservation of about 350 Armenian native, selective and wild grape varieties in the collection vineyard,
    • Creation of the first scientific website,,  containing comprehensive information about the genetic  resources of grape in Armenia,
    • Genetic and ampelographic passporting of Armenian grapes  and study of their enological potential,
    • Technical support to households involved in winemaking in Armenia’s viticulture and winemaking regions,
    • Development of aromatic profiles – “Aroma Wheels” for Armenian Grape Varieties: Sev Areni, Voskehat, Haghtanak and Kangun. 
    • Promotion in international markets:  Organization of participation in more than 20 international exhibitions (ProdExpo Moscow, Prowein China, Prowein Dusseldorf, China International Import Exhibition, etc).
    • Organization of more than 70 wine tastings in Lebanon, India, France, Hungary, Italy, Austria, Spain, Japan, Canada, USA, England, Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Korea, etc.
    • Organization of participation of Armenian wines in the international reputable wine competitions (Asian Wine Review,   Decanter World Wine Award, Mundus Vini, Muscats du Monde, Le Mondial du Rose, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, etc.).
    • Thanks to the joint efforts with our members Armenian Wines are presented in 36 countries worldwide.
    • Creation of Wines of Armenia umbrella brand; launch of e-commerce platform for direct sales of Armenian wines supported by GIZ PSD TVET Programme and ACBA Federation. 
    • Creation of a special Areni wine glass by the world-famous Riedel Company.
    • Improving the visibility of Armenian wines through international media with a high impact factor: over 80 articles published in reputable international printed and online journals. 
    • “Armenia is me” 6-episode documentary series in Poland with the participation of well-known, popular Armenians.
    • Recording of the podcast series “D’Amato & Szabo. Wine Thieves” Canada’s most famous and internationally qualified MS John Shabo and his partner Sarah Damato present the history and renaissance of Armenian winemaking to his audience.
    • Promotion of wine tourism in Armenia and participation in the international events and webinars,
    • GuideMASTER Wine Tour Guide Program supported by GIZ,
    • ”Explore Armenia through a glass of wine” wine tourism guide book
    • Organisastion of Voskehat Wine Festival,
    • “Wines of Armenia” mobile application. 


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