Torelli Winery: Pioneering Italian Organic Wine and Embracing Generational Wisdom


Nestled within Italy’s picturesque wine landscape, Torelli Winery boasts a truly remarkable achievement – the introduction of the first-ever Italian Organic Wine to the market. This milestone was embodied by their exquisite Moscato d’Asti, sourced from the vineyards tended by Gianfranco Torelli. A passionate advocate for organic farming and the current vice president of Coldiretti Asti, Torelli’s journey into organic winemaking is a captivating narrative of heritage and innovation.

Gianfranco Torelli, a visionary dedicated to organic practices, reflects on the pivotal moment: with Regulation 2092 of 1991, the European Community set the stage for change. The 1992 vintage saw the birth of ‘Wines obtained from grapes from organic farming’ labels. Destiny intertwined with history, crowning Torelli’s Moscato d’Asti DOCG vintage 1992 as Italy’s inaugural certified organic wine.

The roots of the Torelli Agricultural Company stretch back to the late 1800s, a transformative era in Piedmont. Driven by liberal ideals, this period marked a shift from grand estates to smaller peasant holdings. Gianfranco’s great-grandparents, Luigi Torelli and Cresta Giuseppe, seized this opportunity by acquiring farmhouses in Bubbio. Thus, the Torelli legacy was born.

Generations later, the Torelli family’s deep connection with the land nurtured a profound appreciation for its potential. Fueled by this reverence and a commitment to sustainable practices, Gianfranco’s parents, Mario and Marisa, embraced Organic Agriculture in 1987. Their conviction was rooted in the belief that organic methods would honour their ancestors while forging a progressive path.

The Torelli Winery’s story is one of synergy between tradition and innovation, culminating in Italy’s pioneering organic wine. Gianfranco Torelli’s journey continues to reflect the essence of his family’s heritage, where the land is cherished, and the pursuit of excellence is unwavering.