Nello Gatti: being Ambassador for exclusive wine stories


Being Ambassador for exclusive wine stories and a more inclusive wine culture

Nello Gatti is a multilingual wine professional with an in-depth knowledge of the hospitality and marketing sectors. Along his path he developed an unparalleled level of communication awareness thanks to his proven history at some of the most iconic events and the education given by very recognizable wine experts. 

He’s developing a new wave of wine culture, from more exclusive wine stories to a more inclusive wine community. Being a bridge between producer and consumer as well as combining the heart and mind of the wine path. His articles are focused on bringing stories of winemakers, heritage and excitement to the public linking literature, film and music to his storytelling. 

He is one of the most dynamic and engaging wine ambassadors, showing several approaches to an international audience, performing at business fairs, category meetings and hospitality events in defense and promotion of less known regions, native grape varieties and wine artisans.

  • Co-founder of the successful format “Autoctono Campano” as a writer, event coordinator and wine selector
  • Author and Reporter at with his own series “Wine Star Wars” and “Wine Disasters”
  • Founder of the official Logbook where all the most exciting wine experiences are explained with several connections to art and society
  • Media partner and contributor for some of the major wine events and exhibitions
  • Strategic Consultant, PR and Brand Ambassador for some of the most awarded wineries and Consortia in 7 countries and more than 20 wine regions
  • Marketing advisor for hospitality groups and high-end venues for a better developing and understanding of all the things around wine
  • Export Specialist in charge of a Wine Network with a long performance history of success with individual importers, chains, investment groups and monopolies
  • Author and contributor for wine podcast, virtual tasting and media content
  • Board Member of “Artisti del Gusto” and associate to non-profit organization

Wine beyond knowledge

“Rome wasn’t built in a day”, that’s the motto I pursue in order to contribute to my personal and worldwide wine knowledge. I was nicknamed “The Ambassador” because I strive for a multi-sided influence which benefits everyone through a more responsible approach to wine studies for both producers and consumers. I am working in different areas and ways to give back the most democratic and valued message to everyone interested in wine, both first time drinkers and Michelin-starred restaurants.

In addition, a wide range of collaboration with personalities from all around the globe, including celebrity chefs and awarded mixologists, gave me the right input to endorse a larger scale of Food & Beverage skills and tailor successful client experience, seminar, event and rapport.

In regards to more specific matters related to wine trends and market changes, I love to approach subjects globally in order to involve our community to take action in such important topics as climate change, sustainability and future challenges.

Discover Campania Region – Land of Native Grapes

More than 2000 years of wine history aren’t quite the real perception of Naples surrounding area, once known as Campania Felix – Happy Countryside. 

Is Napoli or Campania a dangerous place? Definitely not, the only danger would be if we abandon this treasure! That’s why we developed different guided tours to enjoy all the unimaginable biodiversity of the whole region and joined forces for a better understanding of Campania, mixing history, legends and evolution. 

One of the first routes we made deeply touched my heart, as we’ve been crossed by those minor lands described in “Cristo si è fermato ad Eboli”, behind Cilento Coast. We discovered a rural community who’s strongly defending its pristine landscape and the mysterious native Aglianicone grape, which is quite unknown and very different from Aglianico. It can be dated back 25 centuries and could probably be considered as Aglianico’s mother. 

We’re proud of this pipeline between local partners and international visitors, merging deep roots and innovative vision. We wish to welcome your curiosity here for a great experience, giving this region a renewed 2000 years of good luck! 

Remember: L’Ambasciatore non porta pena, ma porta da bere!