Nataliia Burlachenko: it’s all about wine!


For more than five years, Nataliia Burlachenko has been studying the world of winemaking, looking for unique wines and traveling around famous oenological regions. Nataliia has conducted many commented tastings, travelled thousands of kilometres along the wine routes, and wrote dozens of articles on wine and gastronomic topics. During all this time, she managed to collect an exclusive collection of wines from Spain, Italy, Argentina and structure her knowledge of winemaking in expert articles for professional publications.

She has been working as a brand ambassador for the international company Vinos de La Luz. In addition, for a couple of years, she has been an active columnist for Drinks +.

Her blog is a new project, toward which Nataliia is currently devoting a lot of time and effort. In this blog she not only shares tasting notes and the best travel itineraries with wine connoisseurs, she also wants to talk about the exceptional specimens that she managed to find. About wineries that create a unique product and about all the intricacies of the production, consumption and collection of wines.

In the travel column, she is sharing her impressions of those places, wineries, regions that she has already visited, and publish a wish-list of the places where she will go in the first place. This list is endless, but, much to her delight, she is gradually moving it from wish-list to done-list, which means that will be abundant with new interesting stories, verified facts, and outstanding wines!

There is also a column: “Wine of the day”, “Wine of the month”, and it features only those wines that Nataliia has chosen, tasted, and which she can personally recommend with confidence. In the future, she plans to create a rating scale, due to which readers will be able to select themselves, among the many “wines of the day”, the one they want to try at that moment.

Referring to Nataliia, the story of the creation of the information resource started in March 2020, prior to total lockdown, she literally jumped onto the last plane from Spain home, to Ukraine and had no idea that this quarantine would imply commencement of this project. Initially, she didn’t think that her blog would turn into a full-fledged website and she just planning to make small notes on Facebook, but then she realized that the format was too small for her. And that she was not purporting to get likes, discussions, and comments, but intended to be useful to people, who want to learn more about wine and wine tourism.

She has a sommelier diploma which enable her to travel around the country, participating in tastings, listening to different opinions, and getting questions about the wine industry. She arrived at the conclusion that she simply should join the company of enthusiasts who teach, explain, write, conduct, organize, film – and it’s all about wine!