Mirabella Golf Club: a place for sharing the common passion for the game of golf


One day in February 2008 Mastroberardino family with a group of friends decided to establish a place for sharing the common passion for the game of golf and at the same time encourage the disclosure in its own territory, up to that moment not equipped with structured investments suitable to allow the rooting of this sport. That’s how Mirabella Golf Club was founded.

The Mastroberardino family intended to create its own golf course, following these natural paths, in order to make it as compatible as possible with the environment of the Irpinia hills landscape. As a first step the family decided to allocate part of its prestigious farm in Mirabella Eclano, inside the center of the area of production of Taurasi DOCG, a settlement for wine tourism that would be able to respond to the expectations of wine lovers that for centuries are the core business of the family activities.

Currently, the course of Mirabella Golf Club is a double tees nine-hole with standard approval of the Italian Golf Federation, is mainly due to the creativity of nature that designed in the hills of Irpinia terracing, ripples, walkways of great beauty, a land vocated for centuries to excellent viticulture and olive-growing production.

The tourism project started with the creation of a relay with cozy suites, restaurant, bar, heated swimming pool. This was followed by the construction of a second facility, located at the entrance of the same estate; there, the accommodation services  are thought to be focused on the figure of the lover of the territory and the inauguration of the Morabianca Restaurant is one of these, it is the expression of  the reinterpretations and innovations of Irpinia traditional food, designed to enhance more character and potential.

Follows the opening of a spa with sauna, turkish bath, whirlpool, tepidarium, sensory showers, relax areas and massages, as well as the opening of “The Wine Cellar”, a place where tastings of food and wine pairings are accompanied by good live music.

Mirabella Golf Club also set up a training program with the instructors of the National School of the Italian Golf Federation, members of Italian PGA, in order to promote and spread the sport and provide every support to those who want to get closer to the practice of golf, to amateurs already practicing and to those who need to improve their basic skills. These activities are carried out with the support of ad hoc technologies.

Holes are set like gems within the areas of vineyards and olive trees and are combined with others totally immersed in the natural surrounding, within tall trees, ridges, valleys and torrents, creating alternating environmental and play conditions of great effect.

The obstacles that nature has provided along the way, and that the hand of man has been able to integrate with the playing field, make it technically challenging, rich as it is of considerable elevation changes, streams, small lakes, wooded areas, natural terraces. This set of elements also contributes to make the walk very stimulating on the physical-athletic field. The special shape allows you to opt for the most daring strategies, or for less risky game choices, but in any case it stimulates the precision and accuracy of technical movements, alternating shorter holes, characterized by steep slopes and challenging obstacles along the way, to longer and more linear holes.

The course is long totally 3700 meters, par 62, it is equipped with double tees per each hole in order to differentiate the first nine by the second and therefore to make the game more varied, interesting and complete. Behind the clubhouse, in a separate area, there is the training field, that reproduces the playing conditions of the course, encouraging the training phases, with targets placed from 50 to 200 meters. It is equipped with two sets of uncovered beaters and a series of covered tees, to allow training even in adverse weather conditions.

Both the beat stations and the area of the training field are lighted for night training. The driving range is completed with a training area for short game, consisting of a green and an area for approaches equipped with bunkers. Inside the green area, located behind the clubhouse, close to the driving range, there is another training zone for the short game large about 450 square meters, with a nine-hole putting green, also illuminated. The greens and the tees are seeded with agrostis stolonifera cv L93, microtherm suitable for low cutting heights. The fairways and roughs grass are seeded with cynodon dactilon cv princess, macrotherm with reduced water needs, suitable on well-drained and with fine texture soils. The entire route is equipped with irrigation system properly dissected in order to optimize the distribution of water in the different periods of the year.