Championing Romanian Wines: Marinela Ardelean’s Vision and Impact


The Wine Travel Awards team congrats Marinela Ardelean to become the WTA nominee in Ambassador of the Year category!

Marinela Ardelean, an executive MBA and PhD in Marketing, hails from the enchanting region of Maramureş, nestled in the heart of Transylvania, Romania. Despite her roots in this picturesque land, it was during her time living abroad in Italy, renowned for its Tiramisu and Prosecco, that Marinela’s passion for wine and spirits truly blossomed.

In her pursuit of growth and influence, Marinela takes pride in the burgeoning number of Romanian wineries committed to quality, alongside an increasing array of labels representing Romania’s presence on the global stage. As a driving force behind the elevation of Romanian wines, she champions their reputation and ensures their rightful place among Europe’s finest, standing shoulder to shoulder with renowned wine-producing nations like France and Italy.

Fueled by this mission, Marinela authored her debut book, followed by four more, all dedicated to showcasing the revitalized local wine industry. Drawing from her extensive research and unwavering belief in the excellence of Romanian wines, she conceived the concept of RO-Wine, The International Wine Festival of Romania, and assembled a team of exceptional co-founders to turn her vision into reality.