Jacky Blisson MW: passionate about wine since her first sip


Jacky Blissons passion for wine began long before she took her first heady sip. Nosing old Bordeaux, Port, and Burgundies with her father cemented this love.

“Which one do you like best?” he would ask, with a merry twinkle in his eye, waiting for his young daughter to consider each glass before solemnly giving her verdict.

Today, having devoted more than two decades to the global wine trade, Jacky Blisson has achieved great success, being an independent teacher, writer and consultant, as well as the first Master of Wine in Québec and one of only ten across Canada.

Jacky holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies from Concordia University, Montréal. However, after a couple of uninspired years in web marketing, Jacky decided to listen to her heart and moved to Beaune, France to pursue the Specialized Master’s degree in Wine Science. 

Jacky was abroad for about 11 years and without wasting her time she traveled a lot, tasting widely throughout the top vineyards of Europe. She completed several winemaking harvest seasons in Burgundy and the Walker Bay, South Africa, and worked for almost a decade managing export sales for a Burgundian wine agency and Southern Rhône winery. 

Since returning to Canada, Jacky has built a solid reputation for her high-quality written and video wine education content, and her consultancy work. She produces a flourishing, self-titled YouTube wine education channel and wine review website. She is also a judge for the National Wine Awards of Canada.

In August 2021, Jacky began a collaboration with Swiss television director Svenn Kuchen to film the pilot for a short episode-based wine and travel documentary series. The series aims to bring wine lovers to the heart of off-the-beaten track wine regions, to discover their vineyards, wine styles, top producers, and best food pairings. 

Episode one of Wine Travels was filmed in the Jura wine region. Watch now: