Esterházy Palace: the hot summer’s wine, dine and cultural experience


Schloß Esterházy (Esterhazy Palace), located in Burgenland, Austria, the WTA nominee in the and public voting winner in the Cultural mission category, is, traditionally, one of the country’s hottest spots both for local and international tourism. Striking and imposing, Esterházy Palace has many memories to share: Joseph Haydn’s former place of work, a cradle of Viennese Classicism and a venue for magnificent concerts and festivities, today the Palace welcomes visitors as a museum and contemporary event location. 

The culture on offer here includes exciting adventures: excursions, thematic picnics, sommer classics matinees, open-air operas, jazz and rock music concerts, family festivals and other special events will definitely attract all types of travelers and culture lovers this summer. Only an hour away from Vienna by car, standing in the midst of the unique Pannonian landscape, Esterházy Palace is the region’s true tourist magnet.

The Esterházy private foundation’s aim is to create a link between the past and the present and to interpret history based on a contemporary approach, integrating modern culture, gastronomy and winemaking within the classic and historical environment. For example, in the former court stables one may find Henrici, a top-notch restaurant serving Pannonian and Mediterranean cuisine. Right next door, visitors may enjoy the splendid wines of Burgenland, wine tastings and master-classes at the Selektion Vinothek Burgenland, to accompany regional treats of the season at the Kulinarium Burgenland Market Hall. The Herbstgold Festival will be held at Esterházy Palace from September 9 to 24, 2023. It will combine the aspects of classical, jazz and Balkan Roma music with food & wine and the tradition of the historic location.

One of the Palace’s main attractions is, no doubt, the largest wine museum in Austria located in the basement of Esterházy. It displays over 700 exhibits from Burgenland’s rich wine history. The wine museum, occupying  spacious rooms, corridors and vaults of the Palace, offers an authentic tour into the world of wine and into the history of wine culture in the Pannonian region.

Multi-cultural journey combined with amazing Austrian wines and gastronomic specialities from the heart of Burgenland — probably one of the best things to experience this summer. Esterházy Palace is welcoming guests!