The winemaker of Azienda Agricola Teresa Soria di Emanuele Contino awarded Knight of the Truffle


On Sunday, April 21st, during the 315th Chapter of Tulips, Emanuele Contino, winemaker at Azienda Agricola Teresa Soria, was honored with the title of Knight of the Truffle and Alba Wines. It was an incredibly emotional and satisfying moment, he remarked. Contino extended heartfelt thanks to Beppe Colla, praising his mentorship and support: He invested a lot of time in me, and he would be proud today.

Azienda Agricola Teresa Soria di Emanuele Contino

It is also noteworthy that for the second consecutive year, Azienda Agricola Teresa Soria under Emanuele Contino’s stewardship has been nominated for a Wine Travel Award (WTA) in the category of The Visiting Card of the Country/Progressive Approach.

The Teresa Soria Winery epitomizes the spirit of heroic viticulture, nestled in the emerald hills of Castiglione Tinella in Southern Piedmont. This region, where the Langa meets the Monferrato, is renowned for its opulent wines and steep vineyards. Teresa Soria stands out as one of the few, possibly the only producer of Moscato d’Asti Vendemmia Tardiva — a distinct passito-style wine. Their 12-hectare vineyard clings to slopes with a daunting 40-degree incline, a testament to the determination and skill of its third-generation vintners.

Azienda Agricola Teresa Soria di Emanuele Contino

The nearby town of Canelli, birthplace of Italy’s first Spumante in the late 19th century, is a vital stop for any wine enthusiast. This area pulsates with the rich history and culture of the Moscato d’Asti and Asti Spumante DOCG, territories so valued they are recognized as a Common Heritage of Mankind by UNESCO.

Teresa Soria preserves a form of viticulture reminiscent of our grandparents’ era, now threatened by the drive to replant in more accessible areas. In these new regions, mechanization is nearly complete, costs are lower, and production per hectare is higher, making traditional methods rare and all the more precious.

Azienda Agricola Teresa Soria di Emanuele Contino