Askaneli Winery & Distillery’s Triumphs in the Wine World


As we raise our glasses to toast the finest offerings from the world of wine, there’s one name that has stood out magnificently amidst the sea of contenders and managed to win hearts on the international stage – Askaneli Winery & Distillery, a WTA nominee and public voting winner in The Visiting Card of the Country/Progressive Approach category and The Visiting Card of the Country/Brand – the visiting card of the country – Gocha’s Collection – Askaneli Winery & Distillery.

Throughout its 20-year journey, Askaneli has undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving from a humble family enterprise into a thriving and triumphant wine trading company in Georgia. Presently, AWD stands tall with three robust factories strategically located across various regions of the country. This June has proven to be particularly momentous for the Georgian winery, as it embarked on a journey filled with achievements that strengthened its presence on the global wine market.

Starting the eventful month, Askaneli participated as a guest at the 15th International Wine and Spirits Exhibition held between June 2nd and 4th. Adding further to its impressive run, Askaneli was featured at the Merano Wine Festival Georgia 2023 on June 11th, showcasing its premium wines and connecting with industry experts and wine enthusiasts alike.

However, the pinnacle of Askaneli’s triumphs was at the Seoul International Wines and Spirits Expo 2023 from June 22nd to 24th – an exhibition that takes place in South Korea since 1992 and attracts more than 35 000 visitors annually. There, Askaneli had the opportunity to introduce the world to the vibrant and captivating wine traditions and cultural heritage of Georgia. Among the attendees were wine experts and journalists from various corners of the globe, allowing Askanel wines to captivate their palates and establish its presence on an international scale.

As if these achievements weren’t enough to make Askaneli’s June truly remarkable, the winery received exceptional ratings from the renowned James Suckling – one of the world’s most influential wine critics, whose ratings are exclusively by invitation. Scoring an impressive 90 and above rating for multiple of their wines, including the ones from Gocha’s Collection (a WTA nominee and, yet again, a public vote winner in Brand – the Visiting Card of the Country category) is a testament to Askaneli’s unwavering dedication to crafting wines of the highest calibre, and it further cements their position as a true connoisseur’s choice.

Askaneli Winery & Distillery’s journey in June has been one of recognition and success. As they continue to share their passion for Georgian wine with the world, their presence on the global stage is ever-growing. Through their commitment to preserving and promoting Georgian winemaking’s rich traditions and culture, Askaneli has undoubtedly earned its place as a true ambassador for the country’s vinicultural legacy!