Andrei Cibotaru: sharing his observations upon the most secluded nooks in Moldova, where excellent wines are made

Republic of Moldova

The blog  is the property of Fine Wine Media SRL. The blog is devoted to expresses the author’s opinions about exclusive wine events, refined recipes and leading wines of Moldova presented in different parts of the world.

The blog is maintained by Andrei Cibotaru, a journalist with over 15 years of experience, including in television journalism and online media; wine expert, European Sommelier Certificate ASE. 

Due to the fact Andrei is an expert in wine issues, therefore he is a regular judge of such international competitions as Berliner Wein Trophy international wine competitions, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, International Wine Contest Bucharest, Eurasia Wine & Spirits Competition, etc.

His honorary awards include the Best Blogger of 2016 according to VIP Magazine, as well as the Best Wine Journalist of 2016 according to the organization “Wine of Moldova”.

For a number of years, the journalist has been spreading his impressions of the Moldavian’s the most essential wine events such as the Day of Moldova’s Wine in the special section for his thoughts in this regard

On these pages, the reports featured such stars of the Moldavian winemaking as Castel Mimi, Chateau Vartely, and Asconi. The journalist is sharing the observations upon the most secluded nooks in Moldova, where excellent wines are made, upon the capital’s wine bars, food and drink venues, where you can taste wines in glasses, as well as upon the people – winemakers and vinegrowers – whose work has glorified this land.

The editorial staff of the FineWine blog also announced the launch of a section, called “Thursday’s recipe” dedicated to the correct association between wines and food. The main idea is to find a good wine, associate it with an even better food and tell the world about it.