46 Parallel Wine Group: Proudly Ukrainian!


46 Parallel Wine Group is an example of the WTA nominee who does not have its own production facilities. However, the philosophy of 46 Parallel Wine Group corresponds to the nomination profile of “Brand – visiting card of the country” providing wine tourists with wines with their own character and national flavor. The brand’s credo – Proudly Ukrainian – becomes clear to everyone who tastes these wines for the first time. 

46 Parallel is the family company of Anna and Taras Gorkun. The company is supported by many partners: from small wineries who carefully select the best grapes for 46 Parallel Wine Group, to advanced IT specialists with their modern information solutions. Overall, more than 15 Ukrainian companies are involved in the production of each bottle of wine produced by 46 Parallel Wine Group. In this successful team collaboration, four lines of the brand were born – stylish both in form and essence. 

Grand Admiral is a limited collection of premium author’s wines produced in Ukraine from the best selected grapes. 

El Capitan is a limited collection of exquisite light premium wines, not aged in oak. The best grapes of Pinot varieties were used to create the wines of this collection: Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Pinot Meunier, and Pinot Noir.

Apostrophe is a brand that personifies “the first emotional Ukrainian wine”, as the owners of the company say.

Among the wines produced by 46 Parallel, we would like to distinguish the series dedicated to the Ukrainian artist Maria Prymachenko. This is a brilliant example of the promotion of the country’s cultural heritage by a wine brand. The wines with labels depicting fragments of paintings by the legendary artist Prymachenko are an excellent souvenir to be brought from Ukraine.