Discover the Wine Travel Awards Guide 2022–2023!

We invite you to join the exciting Wine Travel Awards (WTA) and the European vibrant community! If you are interested in making your company, brands and services more integrated and advanced in the world of wine and competitive tourism, join us. The doors of our project are always open to new partnerships and integrations.

    Wine Travel Awards Application Form

    Step1. Please use this form to apply for the Wine Travel Awards 2024-2025

    We invite you to take part in this innovative global project that was launched to help develop the international professional community and create a platform for communication between wine professionals and enthusiasts from all over the world.

    One company / person can apply for several categories, but no more than three.

    Any company / person can act as an Applicant - submit and pay for an application by nominating both their own company and a third party / company (Nominee), having previously agreed to the consent of the nominee.

    The cost of the nomination Early Bird package will be calculated as follows: price for the first category — 380 euros, the second — 285 euros, the third — 190 euros. The Early Bird offer is valid from 15 June to 15 October.

    The nominee package is a sort of club card into the Wine Travel Awards community which provides its members with preferential terms for marketing promotions, participation in events and tastings in different countries of the world. Please note that some nominations may be sponsored by companies with an educational mission and provided to the nominees free of charge.

    If you have any questions, please contact the organisers to clarify the terms directly:

    Applicant’s name

    Company name or the name of the person nominating the nominee

    Applicant's contact details

    The name of the person who filled out the application and was authorised for subsequent actions (provision of additional information, photos, a link for a video, etc.)

    Job position


    Email is needed to contact you after completing the application process. We do not share your personal data.


    Please enter a phone number starting with the country code.

    Name of the nominee

    The name of the company or the name of the person who is submitted for the nomination by the applicant.

    Country of the nominee

    Step 2. Select a nomination and categories

    You can be nominated in any nomination (s) choosing no more than three categories in total.

    Considering the requirements and questions for each category, please, create an article about the nominee for each category separately (up to 3 pages) and upload it in the Word document format below the chosen category. Your article (s) should be written in English. If this brings you some difficulties, please, contact our team via

    The organizers reserve the right to edit, supplement and publish the received information from WTA nominees without prior confirmation. If you notice an error in the information, please let us know and we will correct it.

    Nomination: 1. The Visiting Card of the Country

    (Destinations, wineries, national brands, establishments with a wine program: hotels, restaurants, bars, museums of wines and specialties, tasting rooms)

    Nomination: 2. Ambassador

    (Ambassadors: persons representing wines, regions, enogastronomic routes, brands; associations, consortia, national wine bureaus, tourist offices, and tour operators)

    Nomination: 3. Wine & Food Influencer

    (Journalists, professional media, bloggers, photographers, and videographers)

    Nomination: 4. Education in Enotourism

    (Wine museums, wine institutes, tasting rooms, including those located on the premises of the wineries, academies of enogastronomy, wine schools participating in tourist projects, organizers of tours to exhibitions, etc.)

    Nomination: 5. Wine Guide

    (Guides, guides-representatives of wine regions, tour operators, etc.)

    Nomination: 6. Enogastronomic events

    (Festivals, wine days and local products days, exhibitions, promotional programs)

    Step 3. Confirmation

    Promo code

    You can apply multiple promo codes at one time. Enter space-separated promo codes.


    The nominee package

    The nominee package is a sort of club card into the Wine Travel Awards community that provides you with exceptional opportunities. The cost of the nomination package will be calculated as follows:

    Price for the first category

    380 euros

    The second category

    285 euros

    The third category

    190 euros

    Some of the nominations can be free of charge thanks to the WTA sponsors.

    Your participation fee to be paid is 0euro.