Vinuri de Comrat #97

Republic of Moldova
Republic of Moldova, UTA Gagauzia, Comrat, Vinzavodscaya 1
+373 691 13 230

An ambitious wine tourism project

If you hit the road to the very south of Moldova, in the Gagauzia region, you will notice the road signs are written in Cyrillic, “Russian” letters. You enter the region of Moldova where the locals speak Russian. It is also a wine region called Valul lui Traian where Vinuri de Comrat is located. The winery is included in the Moldova Wine Road “RO-MD Cross Border Wine Tourism Cluster Development”. 

The winery project of Comrat started in 1945 with ambitions and enthusiasm. Before the history of the winery began, during the first half of the 20th century, vodka was produced in the same buildings. Even though the oldest building dates from 1894, the facilities have now been carefully restored. Everyone had their hands full to clean and restore the stone to its original grandeur. “But it is important to keep something from the old times, everything shouldn’t be brand new”, says general director Anatolii Hmelevschi for the BKWine Magazine. “We want to become an important tourist destination, unique for Moldova”, he continues.

Facilities to visit

  • The Museum of forgotten things has a wide range of different things of the Soviet period, collected in wine cellars during the reconstruction. It includes furniture, musical instruments, typewriters and other objects of the first half of the XX century.
  • Restaurant “Bessarabian Province” – a unique example of a modern restaurant in old cellars of the XIX century. It symbolizes an unforgettable experience of marriage between local Moldovan and Gagauzian cuisine and outstanding Southern wines. Being an excellent location for events of all kinds, the restaurant has its total capacity of nearly 200 seats. 

The line of wines

Vinuri de Comrat produces about 3mln bottles of wine per year, including red, white and rose, dry, semisweet and sweet wines.

We have 12 stores of our own products in Moldova:


  • Company store № 1 (str. Vinzavodskaya 1)
  • Company store № 2 (Pobedy str.129)
  • Company store № 4 (Tretiakov str.19)
  • Company store № 1 (str. Lenin, 203)


Company store № 1 (Republicii str.12/2)

  • Magazin de Company store № 2 (Stefan cel Mare str. 26/1)


  • Company store № 1 (str. Alecu Russo 6, ap.1)
  • Company store № 2 (Gh. Asachi str., 52)
  • Company store № 3 (Minsk str., 49/1)
  • Company store № 4 (Dacia str., 10)
  • Company store № 5 (P.Zadnipru str., 1/2)
  • Company store № 6 (E. Coca str. 41)

Tourists souvenirs Vinuri de Comrat offers include Benim Sarabim – the possibility to create your own label for the wine you like and take it with you; the fair of handcrafted artisanal items.


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