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village Tsinandali, Telavi Municipality, Region Kakheti, Georgia
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"Shumi" meant "the best wine" in ancient Georgian. It still means the same!

The Shumi Wine Company has a 25-year history in viticulture and winemaking. Its products are exported to more than 32 countries and have won more than 450 top awards at prestigious international competitions. Among them is the title of “Best Producer of Georgia” at MUNUDUS VINI in 2020. According to the legends, the Griffin (“Phaskunji” in Georgian mythology) has brought the first bunch of grapes to people, which gave birth to the cultivation of the very first vineyards on Earth. and therefore is the symbolic figurehead of Shumi.

The concept, which was the basement of the company in 1997, focused not only on the quality production, but also on restoring forgotten traditions, planting vineyards in controlled microzones and finding and restoring the Georgian vine gene pool.

A pioneer of Georgian wine tourism

Shumi” is a pioneer of Georgian wine tourism, which laid the foundation for the development of this field in 2002: created the Ethnographic Pavillion, where guests share with the Georgian traditions  and taste the best Georgian wines. Today, the Shumi Tourist Complex has no analogues in the world, both in terms of infrastructure and service. Nowhere can you find as many examples of Georgian culture gathered in one space as there are in the Shumi Winery.

Reaping the rewards of its work

Over the years, the company has managed to create the largest private wine collection in the world, the first wine museum in Georgia, which stores archeological excavations of Georgian viticulture and winemaking (the oldest of them is 6000 years old), a sculpture park where artworks of famous artists are gathered, frescoes painted with Saperavi, on which Georgian mythological creatures are depicted, etc.

The territory of the Shumi Tourist Complex was acknowledged as ‘the most beautiful venue in Georgia’. In 2020, Shumi became the winner in the category THE BEST LOCATION FOR GASTRONOMIC REGIONAL TOURISM in the framework of WELCOME TO GEORGIA National Tourism Award, which is considered the ‘Oscars’ of tourist and hospitality industry in Georgia.   

In 2020 and 2021 Shumi became the winner in the category THE BEST WINE TOURISM AWARD in the framework of WELCOME TO GEORGIA National Tourism Award.  And in 2020, the company received the “TripAdvisor” award  – “Travelers Choice”.

In 2021, for the first time in the history of Georgia, the Shumi Wine Company became the winner in the nomination THE BEST PRACTICE RELATED TO ARCHAEOBOTANICAL IN WINE TOURISM at the international competition in Sicily organized by the Council of Europe.

The company started its activity in 1997 by cultivating vineyards in the historical micro-zones of Georgia. Georgians used to grow grapes in these places thousands of years ago.

Winery facilities and grape varieties

In 2001, Shumi built its winery facilities and harvested its first grapes.

In 2003, in order to preserve the gene – pool of Georgian autochthonous varieties, the Shumi Company created the First Private Ampelographic Collection in Georgia.

Grape varieties have been found all over the world and are still being searched. In order to determine the oenological potential of rare grape varieties and to return them to production, Shumi’s specialists are constantly conducting research and offering customers wines made from rare grape varieties;

Also based on the experiments in the collection, the company has created many unique alcoholic beverages that have no analogues in the world: Lazare – red dry wine produced from 450 grape varieties in Qvevri, Barbale – the only and unique ice wine from 102 grape varieties made in Qvevri, Zigu – from 350 rare varieties, presents the special beverage created using an aromatic variety, the specifics and technological features of which make it an absolutely unique and original drink, rich in nutrients, and more.

Shumi is the first Georgian company to use a biodynamic method of grape care and produce bio wine. Also, for the first time in the history of Georgian viticulture, the “green vintage” method was used.

Combining old and contemporary technologies

The Shumi Wine Company produces a wide range of products: white, pink, amber and red; dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet and sweet wines, sparkling wines, ice wine, fortified wines, brandy and chacha. Among them are exclusive drinks that have no analogues in the world: “Lazare”, “Barbale”, “Shobili” (sparkling wine, for the production of which combined Georgian and French methods- qvevri and classical champagne), “Zigu”, “Genesis” (wine made from 300-year-old vine grapes), “Monara” (chacha made from 450 varieties of grapes) and others.

Controlling of whole wine production chain

Working for the best wine production in the vineyards begins with diligent care of the vines, where most of the work is done by hand throughout the year – every decision made in the management of the vineyard is further reflected in the quality of the wine.

Shumi has an earthy attitude towards the environment, so it makes only a small intervention in the local ecosystem and helps to preserve the natural flora and fauna. The use of pesticides is minimized, and in some vineyards bio and biodynamic methods are used.

Grapes are harvested in Shumi’s vineyards only by hand, in small baskets, during the coldest period of the day. It goes through double sorting before processing. This work is also done manually. From the grapes grown in this way, wines of the best quality are made, which maximally convey the character of the terroir “Shumi“.

Stainless tanks, traditional earthenware Qvevri and French oak barrels are used in the process of wine making. The winery is equipped with the latest generation of technological lines, which allows control of all stages of wine production.

The company is maintained according to the latest international standards: ISO 22000: 2018. The method of making ancient Georgian traditional wine in Qvevri, as well as the latest methods of world winemaking are used to make alcoholic beverages.

Shumi is the author of numerous innovations and inventions in various fields, as evidenced by the patents he has received.


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