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Republic of Moldova
59/3, Alexandru Bernardazzi St. Chisinau, MD-2012, Republic of Moldova
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A leader of enogastronomic tourism in Moldova

Tatrabis, as a leader in incoming tourism in Moldova, has already more than 15 years of experience in developing and promoting wine and gastro tourism. It is the first company in Moldova that created and promoted gastronomic routes (Traveling to the roots of good flavours in Moldova) at the travel fair TTG Incontri Rimini 2018. Some cultural and gastronomic tours are placed, promoted and sold at our incoming.tatrabis.md page. 

Wine tours that we create are guided by a professional certified sommelier or a winemaker, so the tourists interested in wines have an opportunity not just to taste wines but also to learn the details of the winemaking process. Co-founder of Tatrabis, is also a certified sommelier and is a member of Sommelier Association in Moldova. 

Tatrabis’ mission and activities

Tatrabis aims to develop culinary traditions based on local, ecological food; show culture differences from all regions of Moldova by gastronomic traditions and old recipes that came from different parts of the country.


In October 2018, Tatrabis recorded a report for 7 days for the Slovak TV channel RTV, about our wineries and gastro tourism during the National Wine Festival in Moldova. It was broadcast for the first time in January 2019. The report was broadcast several times on television and obtained the 3rd highest number of views.

In 2018, Tatrabis was organizing and accompanying 2 restaurateurs and sommeliers from France for the event “Slow Food. Wine. Life.” supported by Moldova’s National Office of Vine and Wine. The goal was to create fine dishes from local products that will be accompanied with local wines.

In 2020 our wine route was registered on the „ITER VITIS- Les Chemins de la vigne” platform and certified by Europe Council.

Three components of a good experience

We will introduce our country to the tourists through its culture and cuisine: gourmet restaurants and cosy family wineries, national dishes and seasonal specialties, traditional simple food and haute cuisine in combination with our wines. In our tour the tourist will discover the entire cultural- gastro and wine range of the region in a few days. 

Our goal is to create a special, unique and recognizable worldwide wine and gastro image of Moldova. 

Tasks which should be solved within this project is to create a special, unique and recognizable worldwide gastronomic and wine image of Moldova. To do this, it is necessary to unite the efforts of all interested individuals and companies, and to direct their strengths and opportunities to the development of wine and food tourism in Moldova. 

Valuable knowledge – tourists will take the best souvenir with them – the ability to cook dishes of national cuisine and bottles of wines they preferred in that tour. 

Interesting people – the tourists will get acquainted with talented winemakers and their wine discoveries, the tourists will see private wineries, where the owners will welcome them as a relative. The tourists will learn to savour wines and local foods from experienced sommeliers and chefs, bargain hard in the markets and make friends with everyone who gives them a new experience during the trip. 

Sincere emotions – our rich program wants to offer a sincere acquaintance with the country through a deep dive, through gastronomic adventures and bright acquaintances with the local people.


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