Tania Olevska #74

Ukraine Kyiv

Hlek – modern Kyiv cuisine

Tania Olevska is a brand ambassador of the restaurant of modern Kyiv cuisine Hlek which was opened in Kyiv in 2020. Hlek is located in the heart of Kyiv, surrounded by historical places, monuments and ministries: St. Sophia square and Cathedral, St. Michal’s square and Cathedral, monument to Bohdan Khmelnytskyy and princess Olga, Andriyivskyy Descent with multiple handicrafts and Andriyivskа Church, beautifully reconstructed “Peyzazhna alley”. Close to Independence square “Maidan” and to the great Kyiv symbol “The Golden Gate”.

Mission of the ambassador

The main objectives for Tania were to develop wine and gastronomic culture among the guests; to attract new clients to the restaurant; and popularize Kyiv cuisine and Ukrainian wines and spirits. Due to the strategic and creative approach, Tania managed to achieve it – each week Hlek welcomes both new and permanent guests.  Hlek keeps its reputation as a beautiful cozy modern restaurant with a variety of Kyiv dishes, drinks from the house and a great wine list.

The restaurant development

As the Hlek’s ambassador, Tania contributes to its progress since opening and until now with the following activities:

  • Nomination for National restaurant award “Salt”, Hlek became the finalist of this prestigious award (01/05-29/11/2021)
  • “Kyiv Wine Cup” project – weekly blind tastings (1/06-22/12/2021)
  • Monthly enogastronomic dinners with leading Ukrainian chefs: food pairing – set of 5 dishes and wines / local beer/ cider / spirits (since opening until now)
  • Hlek became the main spot for “Roots of Wine and Taste of the Kyiv Region” – the project implemented by a public organization together with the governmental authorities aiming to develop Kyiv wine and gastronomic travel destinations.
  • Monthly wine tastings of different Ukrainian wines together with winemakers.
  • Wine tastings for foreign guests and events for embassies.
  • Organization of cultural events promoting Ukraine and its historic and cultural treasure.
  • Helding master classes.


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