Stakhovsky Wines #121

Muzhievo, Berehiv district, Transcarpathia
+380 504 325 244

A journey from tennis to winemaking

Stakhovsky Wines is a craft family winery founded by the Ukrainian tennis legend, Serhiy Stakhovsky. Serhiy’s first acquaintance with Grands Vins occurred in Bordeaux, and they’ve had a great influence on him.

Stakhovsky decided to engage in winemaking in 2015. He rented a plot of 20 hectares in Transcarpathia (Zakarpattya, as marked on their labels), one of Ukraine’s most famous wine regions, with the soils of clay and stone, on the slopes of a mountain where volcanic kaolin clay and gold were once mined. For two years the team of Stakhovsky Wines was working really hard, cleaning the parcels and reviving the land, uprooting and replanting the vines and planting the new ones.

Exploring the beauty of the vineyards

Nowadays, Stakhovsky can boast one of the most beautiful vineyards in Transcarpathia. ​​The vines grow in an amphitheater overlooking the Danube lowlands. Specific location in one of the warmest spots of Transcarpathia allows cultivation of red grapes, even though Transcarpathia has long been known for the production of whites.

Grapes grown: Traminer, Riesling, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Saperavi, Zweigelt. Planning to grow Furmint and Pinot Noir.

A taste of victory

The first wines by Stakhovsky were created from the 2018 vintage. Their style is elegant, restrained and at the same time powerful, just like the champion’s tennis. High-tech equipment from Italy, Germany and France is used for grape processing and vinification. Stakhovsky Wines wines are available in France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Japan, Estonia, United Kingdom and Austria. Traminer W, Saperavi ACE 2018 and Cabernet Sauvignon Ace 2019 can be purchased at La Cité du Vin, Bordeaux.

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