SE QWC “Milestii Mici” #68

Republic of Moldova
Mileștii Mici Village, Ialoveni District, Republic of Moldova, MD-6819
+373 671 21 121

The “underground kingdom”of Milestii Mici

The State Enterprise Quality Wines Industrial Complex “Milestii Mici” was founded in 1969 and is situated near the Milestii Mici village, half-hour ride from Chisinau. A long time ago, the people who built dwellings from the limestone mined in underground galleries, settled here. The climate of the zone is moderately continental. The Isnovet River washes the hills and the slopes of Milestii Mici village. 

The Small Milestii name is a symbol of respect for national traditions, historical roots, symbol classification undertaking socio-cultural and historical context of the country. The State Enterprise Quality Wines Industrial Complex “Milestii Mici” produces collection, high quality, table and sparkling wines. All the wines, including the young wines, are matured in oak barrels, which are positively reflecting their properties.

The country with open doors to the paradise of wine

The Republic of Moldova has obtained the title of “a country with open doors to the paradise of wine” because wine production is the basic occupation of Moldavians. Anybody is welcome here. The underground wine city “Milestii Mici” is one of the most important tourist elements in Moldova and attracts visitors from all over the world. Every year, the galleries are visited by more than 20.000 tourists. In 2005, “The Golden Collection” Milestii Mici was registered in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest wine collection in the world, counting about 1,5 mln. Bottles. Milestii Mici is the place where You are always welcome!

Unforgettable wine experience under the ground

Thorough are the attempts to understand the infinite and symbolic world of wine. And as there are no similar kinds of grapes, there are no two identical wines. “Cabernet”, “Cahor”, “Muscat”, “Aligote” – in each of them there’s the soul of creator, his energy and inspiration, but, at the same time, these wines are understood as a part of world history of wine production, an integral part of the culture. The wines that are stored here are the products of the harvest of different years, between 1986 and 1991. Spirit of the past is felt in this underground wine city growing out of the large tunnels. Natural limestone galleries with a total length of 200 km may be passed by transport. And the streets of the underground wine city, placed on a surface of 55 km, are full of oak buts that are standing there as guardians on the watch.

The wines are made according to the old Moldavian traditions. The type of the wines and of the dishes depends on the curiosity and on the taste of the visitors. But there is no doubt that the individual approach is guaranteed for everybody. Excellent wines and food prepared here perfectly complete each other. The tasting of the wines is done by all the rules: from the white to the red, from the dry to the sweet, from the young to the old. The wines are noble, tender and mysterious. At last, you will be given sparkling wines, which will refresh your feelings and your impressions.

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