Italy through the eyes of Rocco Lamparelli

The WTA team is extremely pleased to present a master photographer from Italy and a friend of our editorial board – Rocco Lamparelli. In his portfolio, we did not see orchestrated portraits or exotic still lifes, ordered studio photos or pictures of movie stars. Rocco is working from his heart, traveling through his beloved Italy. And shooting in nature: in the fields, in the streets of towns, and during village festivals. 

Photographic encyclopedia of the gastronomic Italy

His photographs are a kaleidoscope of life: happy faces of cooks and farmers, winemakers and tasters, glimpses of gastronomic festivals, concerts and street carnivals, traditional recipes or specialties from different regions of the country. During his career, Rocco created a real photographic encyclopedia – unique chronicles of the enogastronomic Italy.

The historic and cultural missions

It seems to us that his mission is to record the country’s traditions, culture and gastronomy, which are integral parts of the country’s glory. And the main thing is to leave in the memory of descendants the faces of hardworking people who are maintaining this glory nowadays. In addition to the faces of the ancient cities and towns, which are not mentioned in the Michelin guides, but to this day continue to grow products without chemicals, to bake bread according to the grandfathers’ methods, to grow vines and produce wines according to ancient technologies.

Local celebrity and wine connoisseur

Rocco Lamparelli runs a Facebook page. But he is far from blogging, and he does not need followers. Why? Because everyone knows him: the award-winning winemakers and journalists who are writing about Italian wines and products, the farmers’ associations, and renowned restaurateurs. 

Promotion of the culture and cuisine

In Lamparelli’s photos, you can see bread and focaccia made according to the ancient technologies by the hereditary baker Nunzio Ninivaggi from Altamura; unique places from Puglia Terra di Olio or a recipe of an amazing olive oil ice cream; the ancient Apulian carnival dish “U calzaune de Riuve”, shared with hundreds of participants in the city’s central square; or cooking lessons at the school of Salvatore Riontino Chef, or avid mushroom pickers in Sagra del Fungo Cardoncello; or the traditional parade of Corato – Pro Loco Quadratum. 

The tasty tales about the sunny land

He travels a lot, and if he joins a traveling company, he turns into a super guide, a connoisseur of customs, rituals, tastes and endless culinary stories, which are abundant in Italy. We would like as many people as possible to learn about this incredibly friendly person, representing the very soul of Italian people. He is always on the good side. His photos are vivid and impressional fairy tales about the sunny land, where dolce vita reigns.