Primogénito Wines #156

Argentina Añelo
Bodega Patritti was founded in 2003 and is located in San Patricio del Chañar, province of Neuquén in the Argentine Patagonia.Nominations 2023-2024/The Visiting Card of the Country/Must Visit/
Picada 1 Norte
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Crafting Tradition and Innovation in Every Bottle

Primogénito Wines represents a unique blend of tradition and innovation, crafting exceptional vintages that celebrate the rich heritage of winemaking while pushing boundaries through experimentation and creativity. Primogénito Wines traces its roots back to the Spanish region of Castilla y León, where the first vintage was born under the name El Pujío. Later, the Argentinian producer Patritti adopted the Primogénito moniker, expanding the range to include distinctly South American expressions.

Primogénito Wines believes that great wines are born from a profound understanding of terroir – the unique combination of soil, climate, and geography that gives each vineyard its distinctive character. By carefully selecting vineyard sites that best express these terroir-driven qualities, Primogénito ensures that their wines reflect the essence of the land from which they originate.

A Commitment to Excellence Through Meticulous Craftsmanship

At the heart of Primogénito Wines lies a commitment to excellence, achieved through meticulous attention to detail during every stage of production. From vineyard management to fermentation techniques, each decision reflects a deep respect for the land and grapes, resulting in wines that are truly representative of their terroir. Primogénito Wines embodies a philosophy deeply rooted in respect for the land, the grape, and the winemaking process.

Sustainably Crafted Excellence Across Continents

In line with their commitment to environmental stewardship, Primogénito Wines embraces sustainable winemaking practices that minimize their impact on the ecosystem. From organic farming methods to water conservation initiatives, every decision is made with the long-term health of the environment in mind. By prioritizing sustainability, Primogénito not only produces exceptional wines but also contributes to a more sustainable future for the industry.

The winemaking team at Primogénito approaches their craft with precision and attention to detail. Each step of the winemaking process – from grape selection to fermentation to aging – is carefully monitored to ensure that the final product meets their exacting standards. By combining traditional techniques with modern innovations, Primogénito creates wines that are both timeless and contemporary, showcasing the best of both worlds.

Notable Expressions


Patritti, Primogénito Malbec 2013 Neuquén offers a modern interpretation of one of Argentina’s most iconic varieties. With aromas of blackberry, plum, and tobacco, this wine boasts a silky texture and elegant tannins.

Additionally, the Primogénito Blend from Argentina consists of Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot, and Petit Verdot, offering complexity and depth without sacrificing balance.

Technical Details

Technical data reveals that the Patritti – Icarus Wines Malbec has an alcohol content of 14%, acidity of 5.8 g/L, residual sugar of 3.5 g/L, pH level of 3.5, and dry extract of 29 g/L.