ORIGINS wine magazine #175


Covering the transformation of Armenian wine

The past decade has transformed Armenian wine. The industry is now a combination of ancient tradition and new, fast-growing enterprises with a flourishing restaurant scene to match. “Past achievements notwithstanding, we are at the Origins of our wine heritage. It is our duty now to become storytellers of our history, food, and terroir,” notes the team.

Origins Magazine was founded in 2018 by Aimee and Vahe Keushguerian to collect and share the storytelling of Armenia’s food and drink culture—one that is integral to rebuilding the country’s identity to a global audience.

About wine and culture digitally

This digital version aims to set Armenian wine and culture apart to celebrate the country’s unique heritage. The creative team hopes to lay context to the underlying intersection of Armenia’s history and culture to help wine enthusiasts truly understand Armenia’s wine culture beyond the narrative. They believe that with knowledge comes appreciation, and they are excited to help guide you on this journey. Welcome to Origins Magazine.

Under the spotlight

Origins Magazine features many different topics, such as wines, recipes, news. They are working on launching their own Wine Club and Shop. The website also suggests its readers a wonderful journey to 5 regions of Armenia through their digital Guides. Ararat, Vayots Dzor, Armavir, Tavush and Aragatsotn regions offer favorable conditions for growing grapes and making wines. Each area ensures a distinctive taste of wines based on the location of vineyards and various indigenous and local grape varieties

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