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Contrada Body of Christ Mirabella Eclano 83036 (Av)
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Pearl of Irpinia

Morabianca is a fine dining restaurant located within the Radici Resort. The menu emphasizes the strong link with the territory, through the use of Irpinia extra virgin olive oil from ravece and ogliarola – the precious Soleyon made by Mastroberardino – mushrooms and truffles, cheeses and local vegetables, homemade pasta as well in the area.

Well assorted wine list, which features the famous representation of the family jewels, integrated with a selection of wines from various regions of the world. Every detail is cared for: from the elegant atmosphere of the environments to the innovative and original kitchen. This all contributes to give an unique sensory experience and complete a journey into the heart of the aromas and flavors of Irpinia.


In the heart of Irpinia, Morabianca restaurant is set in captivating surroundings where you can rediscover the beauty of nature and savour traditional food and genuine local cuisine. Situated on a hill, 1300 ft. above sea level and surrounded by 175 acres of vineyards, Morabianca offers regional cuisine revisited, prepared with the true flavours of the area and elegantly served with a creative flair. The ambiance is warm and refined, with interiors of stylish modern architecture and design elements all to provide its visitors with total relaxation and a delightful interlude.

A magical atmosphere and an exclusive experience

The spacious, contemporary-styled dining hall accommodates up to sixty guests. From the terrace you can enjoy the spectacular view of a landscape lush with vineyards and olive trees while tasting the noblest of wines. A magical atmosphere…perfect for spending relaxing summer evenings sipping aperitifs at sunset or for a romantic dinner for two! And during the cold and snowy winter season, be embraced by the warm welcome awaiting inside. Elegant service together with the many different sensations at Morabianca guarantees an exclusive experience.

Morabianca’s cuisine

Morabianca’s cuisine draws inspiration from traditional recipes of the region and prides itself on maintaining the authentic quality of flavours and aromas of the past. Dishes are prepared with wholesome ingredients: fresh vegetables, regionally-produced cheese products as well as home-style cured meats and various fresh meats, all to offer a diversified and special gastronomic experience. Each course, culinary delights presented in a divinely original manner, is an adaptation of classical cooking that succeeds in preserving the unique characteristics of the fresh farm products used.

The wine cellar

The wine list includes highly praised, award-winning, refined wines. The highland known as Irpinia in the region of Campania boasts three DOCG wines: Greco di Tufo, Fiano di Avellino and Taurasi. The restaurant offers the entire line from the cellars of Mastroberardino, a historical winemaking family passionately committed to producing and promoting the wines of Campania, and successfully giving them the worldwide prestige they enjoy today – from the various noble whites to an array of productions of the versatile Aglianico grape. Also available is a fine selection of other renowned Italian and international wines to satisfy a range of preferences.   

Dishes / Appetizers

Summer Eggplant Parmigiana 

Clear the image in the memory of the classic eggplant parmigiana, here presented in an original way, without the use of egg for frying, thanks to a delicate veil tempura for vegetables. In addition to raw tomatoes, fresh basil and smoked Montella cheese.

Cod cube with bread and spices and its coconut and hazelnut cappuccino

Strictly summer dish, very fresh and well-balanced flavors. The cappuccino is served cold and should be experienced at first, only to find out more aromatic flavors just later.

Steamed Octopus on liquid potato

The idea comes from the traditional octopus and potato soup that, in different ways and with innovative cooking methods, is able to extract the best flavors from the two elements. A dish with strong flavors and delicate at the same time.

First courses

Sedani Pasta from Baronia on onions ragout and annurca apple

Discreetly evokes the Genoese onion, but with a touch of originality that distinguishes it emphasizing the pleasure.

Spaghettone with anchovies, fish eggs and walnuts and citrus flavored ricotta cheese cream 

The best Irpinian wheat and raw materials of great quality make this dish, thanks to the partnership between some typical fragrances of our mountain and thats coming from the coasts; the ricotta cheese with hints of citrus gives to the dish an intriguing final.

Cavatelli with bacon, cherry tomatoes and ricotta cheese

From an old mill in the area comes the flour we use to prepare our cavatelli; an easy and authentic recipe, a hallmark of the culinary history of Irpinia.

Second courses

The lamb shank and its reduction

The lamb shank, cooked at low temperature, retains all of its flavors and organoleptic properties. It is a dish made strictly with laticauda sheep meat.

The pork in Aglianico and acacia honey reduction

Prepared with the front of the neck, for its not excessive grain of fat. The reduction with the Mastroberardino Aglianico Irpinia and with acacia honey makes it delicate on the palate.


The millefeuille with cream and cherries

With such simplicity and Grandma’s recipe …

The cannolo in the glass

Goat ricotta cheese, chocolate and pistachio, these are the ingredients expertly blended to taste a dessert that is imprinted in the memory. Crunchy biscuit with hazelnuts completed by a hint of citrus.

Nougat parfait of Venticano and orange sauce

Dessert from the typical Irpinian impression, prepared with the famous nougat of Venticano and served in a light sauce.

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