Laposa Winery #186

Hungary Badacsony
8261 Badacsonytomaj, Park utca 26

Taste Balaton Uplands through our wines

A family, a winery, an estate and lots of gastronomic experiences from beach food, through panoramic restaurants to modern bistro cuisine. We are proud to show all the flavours and values of the Balaton Uplands through our wines.

Our family mainly cultivates traditional grape varieties, which are situated in the best-suited sites of the surrounding volcanic buttes. Our four gastronomic units were built around our wines, where besides tastings we welcome our guests all year round with exciting flavours and interesting programmes. In Hableány, which is situated in the centre of Badacsony, wines are made at your fingertips. You can even get into the life of the winery during lunch or dinner, since you can see the tank room from the restaurant but if you really want to experience the process of winemaking, you can also sign up for a guided winery tour. We strive for sustainable development that is in harmony with the rhythm of nature.

Showing all the beauty of the volcanic hills

In our winery we mostly make white wines. We work with traditional, local grape varieties typical of the Badacsony wine region. We produce about 500,000 bottles a year, our main varieties are Welschriesling, Rhine Riesling, Pinot Gris, Kéknyelű, Furmint and Juhfark. We have long-aged, barrelled, vineyard selections, but we also make fresh, reductive wines. You will find the right accompaniment for every occasion, and can also purchase our wines from our webshop.

Our basic selection (Fresh, Fragrant and Rosé) consists of more fruity and light wines, whilst our premium wines put more emphasis on the minerality of the terroir, which is associated with elegance every time.


Hableány: The revival of an iconic building in the heart of Badacsony. Estate headquarters, wine bar, restaurant and a spectacular winery where you can even get into the life of the winery during lunch or dinner, since you can see the tank room from the restaurant but you can also sign up for a guided winery tour.

Szőlőhegy Bistro: If you prefer dishes based on local ingredients on the panoramic, gazebo terrace, where modernity and tradition meet. Szőlőhegy Bistro is a home to classic Hungarian flavors, homely hospitality and local ingredients, on the menu (seasonally) duck liver with onion, chicken soup, goulash, Wienerschnitzel In addition to the dishes, you can taste the wines of the Laposa Estate, and under the romantic grape bower, you can enjoy the undisturbed panorama.

Laposa Wine Terrace: It all started here and it is still a big favorite among guests with breathtaking panorama, sunsets, wine dinners. Our skilled colleagues are happy to guide you through tastings every day of the year. For guests interested in wine, in terroir wines and winemaking. Our staff can tell you from the basics, so you don’t have to be a wine expert for an enjoyable wine tasting. 3 and 5-item wine tastings, gourmet specials, cheese and ham bowls to accompany. You can also purchase the full range of our wine selection at cellar price!

FrissTerasz: Chilling, dogs, children’s corner, Balaton wines, spritz, our famous burgers, DJ sets and concerts. All this at the foot of Badacsony, with a view of Lake Balaton.


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