Kari Brovall #135


Professional writer and experienced marketer

Kari Brovall is a sought-after writer and marketer for wine brands and wineries obsessed with his behind-the scenes style. Love of wine has steered him in the direction of helping wineries bring their wines and stories to the fullest potential. As a writer and a commercial marketer his creative skills and story ear have provided all wineries worked with prior for a swift, efficient, and creatively interesting experience completely unique to him. He has led major initiatives to install new relevance in wineries, and created distinctive new brands, along with the marketing plans needed to bring them to life. Today he combines writing and lobster fishing.

Work with the top-notch organizations

He has been operating in the wine industry for nearly 30 years, during that time Kari has worked for first class wineries, brands, people and for first class organizations such as the creative and iconic web agency Item Interactive.
He drove commercial strategy and served as a sales spokesman for a range of the worlds most admired wineries and global spirit brands including Fondberg, Miguel Torres, Taittinger Champagne, La Rioja Alta, Lamblin & Fils, Labouré-Roi, Bombay Sapphire Gin, JB Whisky, Jim Beam, Miller Genuine Draft and Stolichnaya Vodka.

Establishment of a new wine company and distribution channel

Kari Brovall was appointed by Miguel Torres in the late 90s to set up the first Miguel Torres wine company in Scandinavia with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. Together with colleagues the team succeeded both in sales volumes as in brand repositioning in the market while keeping its identity intact.

In 2021 Kari contributed and participated in the elite e-commerce team in Copenhagen to help establish a new distribution channel which subsequently developed into the fastest growing digital and customer engagement wine platforms in Europe. The entire team participated in the nomination of Entrepreneur Of The Year in 2021 in the start-up/scale up category by Ernst & Young.