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Jidvei, a renowned winemaking company, processes more than 25 million kg of grapes annually, boasting plantations authorized by ONVPV for wines with controlled designation of origin in the Târnave Jidvei DOC area. Nominations 2023-2024/The Visiting Card of the Country/Brand – the Visiting Card of the Country/
str. Garii, no. 45, Jidvei, Alba county

Discover the Essence of Jidvei: Where Tradition Meets Excellence

Jidvei, a renowned winemaking company, processes more than 25 million kg of grapes annually, boasting plantations authorized by ONVPV for wines with controlled designation of origin in the Târnave Jidvei DOC area. Under the brand Jidvei, some of Romania’s most esteemed wines and sparkling wines are produced, consistently earning accolades at prestigious international competitions with over 500 medals in the last decade alone. Since 1999, modern techniques have complemented tradition, with investments optimizing technological processes in their wineries to ensure quality and typicality. With four wineries equipped with top-tier facilities and a storage capacity exceeding 35 million liters, Jidvei continues to craft quality wines that reflect the essence of the wine-growing region. Spanning over 6100 acres of vineyard, Jidvei basks in an idyllic setting with altitudes ranging from 200 to 500 meters. Blessed with an annual average temperature of +9.8 degrees Celsius and an average rainfall of 610-640 mm, the terroir of Jidvei fosters the perfect conditions for grape cultivation, resulting in wines of exceptional character and complexity.

Jidvei: Winemaking, Storage & Awards

At Jidvei, tradition intertwines seamlessly with modern winemaking techniques, allowing the distinct essence of each grape variety to shine through. With four state-of-the-art winemaking facilities boasting a collective capacity of close to 25 million liters, Jidvei is committed to crafting wines of unparalleled quality and finesse. Step into the hallowed halls of Jidvei Cellar, where time stands still and the history of the winery is meticulously preserved. Here, noble wines await their moment of perfection, aging gracefully to reveal the true essence of Jidvei’s heritage.

Jidvei wines — the art of winemaking

The prestigious D.O.C designation adorns Jidvei’s wines, a mark of excellence validated by over 100 gold and silver medals at international competitions. Each award is a testament to Jidvei’s unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship, earning the trust and admiration of wine enthusiasts worldwide.

Discover the magnificent collections of Jidvei Wines: Grigorescu, Mysterium, Nec Plus Ultra, The Owner’s Choice, and Craița Transilvaniei.

The timeless allure of Nicolae Grigorescu’s artwork, a quintessential representation of Romanian art history, permeates the essence of Jidvei’s wineries. Echoing the purity and simplicity of Grigorescu’s paintings, the semi-dry white and rosé wine assortments exude a flawless harmony. Grigorescu’s masterpieces captivate with their naturalness, expressiveness, and vibrant compositions, showcasing the harmony of colors and light that epitomizes Romania’s national identity. Each label within this range showcases renowned paintings by the esteemed Romanian artist.

Mysterium isn’t just a collection of exclusive wines — it’s a captivating narrative that begins with the quest to unlock the secrets of wine. Every aspect is meticulously crafted, guiding you through a labyrinth of familiar yet enigmatic aromas and notes. The winemakers, custodians of the wines’ secrets, expertly blend carefully selected noble varieties to create each Mysterium blend. Each cuvée inherits the distinct qualities of its components, resulting in wines that exude charm and intrigue. In aromas and flavors, hints of rose petals, acacia flowers, melon, apricot, peach, cherry, wild strawberry, and raspberry are uncovered.

Nec Plus Ultra — “The Ultimate!” — draws its inspiration from the legendary Latin expression attributed to Hercules, marking the limits of the ancient world at Gibraltar. Today, it symbolizes exceptional achievement and unparalleled excellence. Crafted with meticulous care and attention, Nec Plus Ultra wines embody the spirit of daring to push boundaries and reach new heights. The Sauvignon Blanc 2009, the inaugural wine of this range, achieved remarkable success, garnering eight medals at major international wine competitions, making it the most awarded Romanian white wine of its launch year.

The Owner’s Choice wines named after the owner’s daughters, Ana and Maria, these wines are crafted with utmost care from select plots with optimal sun exposure. Handpicked grapes undergo careful monitoring to determine the perfect harvest time for each plot. During transport to the winery, carbonic snow maintains a low, protective temperature to preserve freshness and antioxidants. Selection for the Owner’s Choice collection involves rigorous blind tastings of over 30 wines by a panel of experts, including oenologists, technologists, licensed tasters, and journalists. Only the finest wines earn a place in this prestigious range, ensuring an exceptional sensory experience for discerning palates.

The wines with the geographical indication “The Hills of Transylvania” embody natural simplicity, crafted through meticulous vinification processes synonymous with our winemaking philosophy. Representing the Transylvanian region, these approachable wines are skillfully blended from varieties native to the area. Whether white, red, or pink, our semi-dry and semi-sweet wines are versatile companions, perfect for any occasion, be it a casual lunch or a leisurely evening with friends.

Enjoy the art of winemaking from Jidvei!