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Gevorkian Winery - one of the winemaking industry leaders in Armenia

Founded in 2006, Gevorkian Winery is currently one of the leaders of the winemaking industry in Armenia and offers a wide range of high-quality products made from indigenous Armenian grape varieties, as well as fruits and berries. Gevorkian Winery represents a line of wine and spirit trademarks under “365 wines”,’ARIATS”,”Mi Tas” brands. The Winery specializes in creating and developing new and modern trademarks in the alcohol industry. In its short period of existence, “365 wines” has been granted many achievement and quality awards, gaining high brand awareness and loyalty in the domestic and international markets. Thus, the brands also have become category ‘best sellers’ in the Armenian Duty Free and western style retail, while some of them have been category ‘exclusives’ for the most recent several years.

Gevorkian Winery – the future and the past

Following the ancient traditions Gevorkian winery crafts distinctive red wines using the once forgotten Armenian Kakhani method i.e. producing noble wines from dried grapes. For the first time in Armenia Gevorkian Winery has applied sophisticated technologies for the production of unique wines from Armenian grapes. The quality of Gevorkian Winery wines is certified by ISO 22000:2005, the first international food safety standard. The company also produces kosher wine, which it exports to the Israeli market.

The wide range of wines and wine tours.

As the owner of the Gevorkian Winery says, “Winemaking is a divinely-given opportunity to create eternal values”. And those values are poured out in the created wines. The wines of the ARIAC trademark were created to continue the traditions of ancient winemakers using the “Kakhani” method, that winemakers have revived from the ancient Armenian technology. The “Kahani” method is a tribute to the skill and patience of the ancient Armenian winemakers who developed their own method of making wine from dried grapes. 

ANAIS is the first Armenian ice wine, the pearl of the noble-sweet wines of Gevorkian Winery. The wine is named after the ancient Armenian goddess of love and fertility.

The Gevorkian collection of the amphora wines are made according to the ancient technology, aged for 6 months in ancient Armenian amphoras – karas. This is the ancient Armenia monks, who produced wines according to this ancient technology, the main difference of which is the fermentation and aging of wine in clay amphorae – karas. Fermentation in karas allows the fermentation process to take place at lower temperatures, the wine turns out to be elegant, velvety, with the complex aromas.

“Hay Pet Nat” – the first Armenian Pet Nat wine with the fresh aroma of field flowers, rich raspberry and strawberry flavor, an exquisite taste of berries with light acidity and a long-lasting raspberry aftertaste. 

The fruit “365 wines” collection includes pomegranate, apricot, blackberry, quince, cherry, strawberry and dogwood wines.

You can immerse yourself in the history and modern manifestations of Armenian winemaking with a wine tour of Gevorkian Winery. High quality and tradition always remain a priority for the winery. During the tour and wine tasting with the experienced sommelier you will have the opportunity to enjoy the variety and taste palette of Gevorkian Winery wines. Tour language: Armenian, Russian, English Capacity: 20 people.

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