Discovering Ukrainian food and wine

Tania Olevska, a wine and food influencer and journalist, member of the Association of Sommeliers of Ukraine, founder of blind wines tasting project “Kyiv Wine Cup”, and brand ambassador for the restaurant “Hlek – Modern Kyiv Cuisine”,  founded her beloved agency in 2019 in Ukraine. The inspiration came after she tasted Ukrainian wines and farmers’ products at various wine and food events, and got acquainted with the vast territories of Ukraine. Ukraine has enormous potential for growth. Its lands are rich, people are hospitable, and products are of high quality.

Tania discovered wine and gastronomy regions in Ukraine, namely the South region (Odessa, Mykolaiv, Kherson, Zaporizhzhya), the Western region (Zakarpattya, Lviv), the Central region – Podillya (Vinnytsya, Khmelnytsky, Ternopil), the Northern region (Kyiv, Chernihiv), and the Eastern region (Donetsk, Kharkiv).

All the tours are bespoke

During the last 3 years, 50+ wineries in Ukraine and abroad were visited. This year, the goal is wineries around Europe and Great Britain. Friends Wine Travel features 1-4 day tours around Ukraine and 4-7 day tours to Europe. Tania cooperates with partners all over Europe and provides excellent wine and gastronomic experiences, combined with historical and cultural excursions. Culinary classes are included as well. The most vital part is winery attendance, and communication with a winemaker – it gives deep respect and knowledge to all work done at the winery. Transfers and 4* and 5* hotels are included. So, just take your camera and relax.

Try to know a new country, to feel it, to taste it

Competitive advantages are:

  • The only specialized wine travel agency in Ukraine 
  • Great service 
  • Charming tour atmosphere: tourists do become friends after trips, a wine travel community has been formed
  • A tour leader and organizer is a sommelier thanks to whom tourists do gain knowledge during the tour
  • Relevant prices

Tania is happy when her tourists are excited and have sparkling emotions and unforgettable memories. She always buys wines at the wineries she visits. When they have breaks in tours, Tania organizes wine tastings in different interesting places. It’s a good chance for guests to taste the exclusive wines that they can’t buy in a supermarket or restaurant and to feel the atmosphere of the country.

So, Friends Wine Travel’s task is to widen horizons, to deepen wine and gastronomical knowledge, and to make people happy.

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