EL CORTEZ® XO wine brand is created by Franz Wilhelm Langguth Erben GmbH. EL CORTEZ® XO is a wine that puts Spain on the wine connoisseur‘s map, after Italy dominated for a long time with the Primitivo grape variety.Nominations 2023-2024/The Visiting Card of the Country/Brand – the Visiting Card of the Country/
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New brand EL CORTEZ® XO: Spain‘s answer to the Primitivo!

Franz Wilhelm Langguth Erben GmbH has created EL CORTEZ® XO wine brand, a wine that puts Spain on the wine connoisseur‘s map, after Italy dominated for a long time with the Primitivo grape variety.

XO stands for “extra ordinario” and quite clearly conveys the premium character. For this elegant red wine, the family company Langguth has collaborated with Bodega Torre Orla from Valencin.

Brand features

The special feature of the EL CORTEZ® XO is that the cellar master composes the wine from the best barrels of selected vintages and lets it mature in the historic bodega cellar for up to 12 months.

EL CORTEZ® XO has an original, attractive label – high quality velvety paper with noble copper embossing. The wine was popular with lovers of powerful red wines. EL CORTEZ® XO – soft with a rich character as well as a unique depth of flavour.

The reasons of success

  1. From the best wines of different vintages
  2. Up to 12 months barrel ageing
  3. Great harmony through perfect maturity
  4. High quality velvet paper with noble copper embossing
  5. Family tradition since the end of the 19th century

According to a consumer survey conducted by the University of Geisenheim, 73% of the 500 respondents would choose EL CORTEZ® XO for the elegant label alone. Patrick Langguth, seventh generation company owner – sees the market demand for the new wine brand as confirmation: “Many of our trading partners have indicated to us recently that they are on the lookout for the new star on the red wine horizon. With EL CORTEZ® XO we now offer Spain’s answer to the Primitivo!”

EL CORTEZ® XO gets gold at the Mundus vini® 2021.


  1. W. Langguth Erben is also known in the global market as a reputable producer of organic and biological wines, which are produced according to the strictest standards. Wines from the company’s portfolio are sold in more than 100 countries. For almost 70 years, the company was managed by one of the patriarchs of German winemaking, Wolfgang Langguth.


Since 2015, the company has been managed by Patrick F. W. Langguth. Excellent wine quality is and remains the main principle and challenge for the entire F. W. Langguth Erben team.

The EL CORTEZ® XO brand’s success is largely due to its inclusion in the Langguth portfolio.  Today, F. W. Langguth Erben is the oldest company in Germany and one of the most influential global companies in the wine industry outside Europe. The popularity of the brand is evidenced by the numbers: over the past 50 years, more than 330 million bottles of ERBEN have been sold.

Vineyards and origin

  1. Vineyards: 100% Monastrell
  2. Origin: Valencia, Spain Bodega Torre Oria
  3. Vinification: 100% from the best wines of different vintages

Region of Utiel-Requena in the south-east of Valencia. The vineyards are located at a Mediterranean altitude. Bodegas Torre Oria has one of the oldest vineyards in Europe. The older the vine, the lower its yield and the higher the quality of the grapes. This means that older vines can produce a more intense and concentrated grape flavour. All these geographical and natural characteristics together result in the special quality of our EL CORTEZ® XO.

EL CORTEZ® XO special vibe

The special thing – “extra ordinario” – about EL CORTEZ® XO is that our cellar master has composed it from his best wines of different vintages. This gives EL CORTEZ® XO a wonderfully soft, full-bodied character as well as unique depth of flavour.

Ripe fruit aromas of plums and cherries in harmony with a subtle hint of wood make this red wine a truly special drop. EL CORTEZ® XO is suitable for special occasions as well as for enjoyment on an ordinary day. It is recommended to apply with spicy tapas, grilled or braised meats and mature cheeses. Drinking temperature is 16–18° C.