Dry Martini Bar. Mallorca #148

Spain Mallorca
Castillo Hotel Son Vida, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Mallorca, Carrer Raixa, 2, Urbanizacion, Poniente, 07013 Son Vida, Illes Balears

Professional approach to creating cocktails

The spirit of Dry Martini, with its skillful approach to the design of cocktails, which is characteristic of master Javier de las Muelasthe world leader in the creation of cocktails, lives in Bar Armas, a private bar in one of the best hotels in MALLORCA.

Cocktails and panoramic views

Well, if you are interested in the aesthetics of Dry Martini by  Javier de las Muelas in its purest form, we recommend you to visit the bars of this inventor in the bartender’s art, which were opened by him in Barcelona and Madrid.  However, if you are fond of wines and local drinks and happen to be in MALLORCA, you should definitely visit Bar Armas, with its interiors decorated with the relics of the past, and a huge open terrace overlooking Palma.

Cocktail menu

You can choose from the cocktail menu the masterpieces designed by Javier de las Muelas.  It goes without saying that Dry Martini runs the show here. Both in the absolutely perfect and sophisticated classic version, as well as in the vintage and new-fashioned versions of the famous cocktail: Mezcaltini, Bamboo or Martínez.
In addition to the gastronomic emotions, you will be able to enjoy hera live music each Wednesday and Friday night.