Dry Martini at the Ritz Carlton Abama Tenerife #149

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Dry martiny bar at the Ritz Carlton hotel

THE RITZ CARLTONand Javier de las Muelas signed agreement for opening of  DRY MARTINI bar by Javier de las Muelas at the hotel THE RITZ CARLTON Abama in Tenerife. The Lobby bar serves a variety of cocktails designed by Javier de Las Muelas, following the concept of the original Dry Martini in Barcelona. Enjoy live music few days a week by the terrace.

The exotic Tenerife

Well, if you are interested in the aesthetics of Dry Martini by  Javier de las Muelas in its purest form, we recommend you to visit the bars of this inventor in the bartender’s art, which were opened by him in Barcelona and Madrid.  However, in Tenerife, the experience of Javier de las Muelas as a gastronomic cocktail consultant, which is already applied in numerous places around the world, has resulted in elaboration of a carefully thought-out cocktail menu. Designed for Tenerife, the exotic mixes are based on diverse textures, unique and complex flavors that create a wide range of cocktails. The menu includes both the most exquisite exotic mixes and classic Dry Martini, signature cocktails of the renowned Javier de las Muelas.

The cocktail menu and gastronomic experience

With a unique contribution of local fruits and spices, new drink formats – in cans – that one is able to share on the go, the classic style of Dry Martini has integrated into the region’s culture, which is now resulting in the availability of this gastronomic project. Its identity hallmark – the tandem of Ritz Carlton and Dry Martini –  has been brought to perfection.
As concerns the hotel’s establishments – the two Michelin-starred restaurants at The Ritz-Carlton, Abama – they emphasize the exquisite taste associated with the cocktail menu by Javier de Las Muelas. Chef Erlantz Gorostiza carries out the vision of Martín Berasategui, offering a bold, Basque-inspired menu that builds on familiar flavors.