Ambassador of the historical heritage

Dmytro Shovkoplias is one of the most popular Ukrainian bartenders, who once founded an iconic establishment in Kyiv – Parovoz Speak Easy Easy (Spirited Awards, 50 Best DiscoveryTop 500 Bars), and currently lives in Miami, USA. But he does not stop promoting the national traditions and Ukrainian bartending style. In addition to developing the art of mixology, and returning from oblivion the old flavors. The recipes of the majority of his cocktails contain unique ingredients, which makes him a true ambassador of the historical heritage of national gastronomy.

The legendary Kyiv Sour

Probably, the Kyiv Sour cocktail, created in 2019, brought Dmytro the greatest fame. The successful invention of the Kyiv bartender went around the world. This is how the New Zealand portal describes it: “The Kyiv Sour, created by bartender and co-owner Dmytro “Dima” Shovkoplias, is a take on the New York Sour – a bourbon or rye whiskey sour with a float of red wine – using iconic local ingredients in place of traditional ones as a celebration of Ukrainian heritage. It’s sweetened with a syrup made from chestnuts, the symbol of the capital city. In lieu of the wine float, homemade bitters made from cranberries and beetroot, two ingredients found in much of the local cuisine, are sprayed over the foam in the glass at the end. And instead of American whiskey, Shovkoplias swaps in Scotch blended with grain whiskey for the base as a nod to Ukraine’s most important agricultural export”.

The hit by Dima Shovkoplias in Signature Cocktails

In 2023, the Kyiv Sour cocktail was included in the special edition Signature Cocktails of Phaidon publishing house, which united 200 outstanding signature cocktails of the last few centuries, and reflects a kind of journey through time, tastes, and the stories behind them. Incidentally, with Headquarters in London and New York, and offices in Paris and Berlin, Phaidon now operates a global sales and distribution network, selling in over 100 countries and publishing books in English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Japanese, and German, and with an increasing number of publishing partners in further languages.

“It was, is, and will be for years to come”

This is what Dmytro said about this publication: “It is a great honor to join the company of outstanding figures, and to see my native city, Ukraine, on the world map. This is how it was, is, and will be for years to come, first of all, due to our Ukrainian defenders who are defending our homeland. Special thanks to the author of the book, Amanda Schuster, and everyone who contributed to its creation: Ago Perrone, Jared Brown, Anistatia Miller, Camper English, Emma Janzen, Vivien Pei, and Robert Simonson. This is a really special edition – both for the world community in general and for the Ukrainian community in particular – which was published to commemorate the centenary of Phaidon publishing house”.

In the rhythm of TIMELAPSE

One of Dima’s latest creations made already in the USA is the exquisite TIMELAPSE cocktail, which was presented during the Art of Italicus Aperitivo Challenge 2024. It should be emphasized that Dmytro Shovkoplias stayed true to his style, which has now turned into a true mission, and returned from oblivion the historic and almost forgotten category of drinks – Rosolio. These rather complex aromatic liqueur drinks were popular even in the time of the Savoy kings. Thus, the author’s cocktail TIMELAPSE is based on the following three ingredients: Italicus Rosolio di Bergamotto, Smoked Cranberry, Pink Grapefruit Soda. Simple, easy, trendy. As in fact his cocktails always are.
Currently, Dima Shovkoplias lives in Miami with his family and works in a local bar, but his life and heart, his friends and thoughts are in Ukraine. He is running in the Half Marathon to support the fundraising for Ukrainian hospitals organized by United 24 and Scott Kelly or BRAVE UKRAINE TOUR in Oslo, share Ukrainian Bravery with Monkey Business Academy, ets. He actively holds charity meetings for the needs of defenders of his native country. And continues to work for the sake of the image of the Ukrainian cocktail culture.