Castel Mimi #72

Republic of Moldova village Bulboaca
Republic of Moldova, district Anenii Noi, village Bulboaca
+373 265 0 1893,

On the Wine Road of Moldova

Castel Mimi was founded in 1893, renovated and opened to visitors on 17th September 2016. It is included in the Wine Road of Moldova, which is the first cultural-tourist route certified by the Council of Europe as part of ITER VITIS Les Chemins de La Vigne en Europe. Castel Mimi is located in the district of Anenii Noi, village Bulboaca, only 40 km from Chișinău and 35 km from International Airport.

Enjoying wines in one of the most beautiful wineries in the world

The winery features today one of the most advanced production facilities in Moldova, equipped with modern machineries that cover: grape processing, juice fermentation, storage, maturation and bottling. All these stages are carefully monitored and coordinated by professional Moldovan oenologists that gained experience in the USA, Australia and Romania. The storage has a total capacity of 200.000 hectoliters. Wines are stored in stainless steel tanks with volumes of 500, 750 and 1000 hectoliters, connected to a modern cooling system that assures automatic temperature control. Maturation takes place in the historical cellars of Castel Mimi.

Wine series

The Classic – wine series is produced with deep respect for old Moldovan traditions that were successfully combined with last generation equipment. Wines from the Classic series are matured in high quality oak barrels, between 6 and 18 months.
The Reserve wine series – the highest form of perfection. Premium quality wines produced from selected grapes, harvested in 2012. Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon Reserves were matured for 36 months each in Limited Edition French oak barrels.
Dessert wines produced from frozen grapes at temperatures between -6°C… -10°C through a special technique. Their intense golden color invites you to savor sweet noble bouquets of ripe exotic fruits.
Animaliens series features young unoaked wines with fresh and persistent characters. Bright wines that express the vivacious and generous character of the Moldovan land and people. The label of each wine displays the drawing of an animal that belongs to local legends and stories, re-interpreted in a contemporary key. The colorful symbols describe wine bouquets, recall patterns from precious traditional Moldovan carpets, and pay tribute to specific locations, beliefs or historical events.
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